We Are At War: Part 2

Jun 6, 2022 | Chris McRae, Spiritual Warfare

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Well, it’s good to see you guys. We do have a message that we want to release you guys today. Good. Last week we talked about spiritual warfare and this is part two of that. And so bear with us as we, as we’re going to be talking about what spiritual warfare is. I was sadden, angry and mad at the same time.

When I wake up with another hearing about another. They’re going to call for gun gun control and different things like that. But how many know that it’s not about gun control? It is about changing the hearts of the people, because if you don’t change the hearts of people, you’re still going to have violence.

You’re still going to have problems with you’re still going to have issues. And so what we need is a revival in America. Well, we need as a revival in our country where we need as a revival in the state of Texas, and we need a revival here. The city and our community, we need a move of God. We need a wave of God.

We need the spirit of God to come in and change our hearts. We need some, we was just like, well, you need to, we need to change in politics. We need change in government. We need change in our systems. I want to tell you this morning, if you haven’t noticed, if you haven’t thought about it, the systems of this world are.

They’re broken. Is that a, is that news to you? Do you not realize that the systems of this world, their man-made systems are broken? And the only thing that’s going to change us is the power of God, a spirit and a move of God. He said that in the last days he would pour out his spirit. All flesh. That means that I’m saying that, that you don’t, you don’t get away from it.

Everybody don’t get away. All flesh is going to be poor. The spirit of God is going to be poured out on the truth. Is, is, are you ready to receive this period of God on this Pentecost Sunday? Are you ready to receive the spirit of God? And I want to tell you that God is in control. Do you hear what I’m telling you?

I want to say it again. Cause I’m in there to hear me. God is in control. That means that the systems in the governments are broken, but God is in control our school systems and the things that they’re trying to do to deprivation and keep our kids at the proper kids. God is in control, but all the things else and the trafficking and all the other stuff, and there’s a war that’s going on in Ukraine.

There’s all kinds of stuff that’s going on. I want to say to you this morning, that God is in control. He’s still on the throne. He’s still ruling. He’s still reigning. He’s still in control and he knows exactly what’s going on. That’s why I want to get under the spout of the spirit of God when he pours it out.

As he born in. So that I can receive everything that he has for us. Oh, there’s a place over at the gym that I drive back. Cause I don’t go in the gym, but I there’s a place that I go. And there’s where they, where their kids are sitting under the big bucket and they wait for the bucket to fill up and it pours out the water and those kids are sitting there just ready.

I see us just like that. That we’re ready. Anybody else ready for? Oh, God, anybody else ready for the power of God to come in and change us and transform anybody else? Other than me, just as I like Lord, you can do all that. You can pour out. I want to receive all of it. And the only way we’re going to change, and the only way we’re going to be who God’s called us to be is that we know.

And experience a guy. I don’t care what it looks like. I’m taking a restriction off. I don’t care what I sound like. Every restriction is all. I don’t care what people say about me. Every restriction is all I don’t care about my past. Every restriction is off. I don’t care about what the future lies because every restriction is all, every lid is off.

Every lead is just is destroyed and shattered because I am ready to receive what you have from me so that I can be empowered and walk in this and the destiny that you call for us to work. It’s not just for you, but it’s also for your children off also for your kids. Do you hear what I’m telling you?

And so that’s why we’ve been talking about spiritual warfare. And last week we talked about the fact that. That we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against powers against principalities, against rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places, we are not fighting against people.

We’re not fighting against LGBTQ RST, UV. We’re not fighting against those people. We’re not fighting against the government. We’re not fighting against president and Biden. We’re not fighting against the people that has got. Sometimes you want to put faces to you. Don’t what I’m saying. You want to put faces to the, to the thing you’re fighting, but the face that needs to be there as the enemy space, we need to put that we’re not fighting against people.

We’re fighting against. We’re fighting against principalities powers. Rulers of darkness was fighting against those spirits. You just like. And so sometimes my mom, mama say you are being used by the devil. No not, but the truth is it’s like the people are being used by the enemy. And some of them being used by the enemy to get to you, people are being used by the enemy, but you’re not fighting against people.

And so this is part two of we are at war. Are you ready? Strapping your seatbelts. It’s going to be a wild ride this morning. Are you ready? I don’t think you’re. Are you ready? All right, let’s pray, Lord. I want to thank you for this day. I want to thank you Lord. For right now, the spirit of God. Who is in this place, because you said where there are two or three gathered in your name.

There you are in the midst of us. And we are thankful Lord that we are in this fight. There’s way, no way for us not to be in a fight, but we’re in it. We’re ready. We’re armed. And we’re ready to fight, not against people, but there’s a spiritual war that’s going on. Help us to recognize it and to know that you’ve already won it.

And now we have the victory. Oh, I love the fact that. The battle belongs to the Lord. The battle belongs to the Lord. Some of you are facing battles right now. I want to tell you this one at the battle belongs to the Lord and he’s already won the victory. Lord, we thank you, Lord, that you are, you already won the victory.

And so we thank you for that and Jesus name. Amen. If you have your Bibles, I want you to turn to second Corinthians chapter two. Anybody know that in the middle of a fight, while you’re turning there in the middle of a fight, there is always a bell that rings in the fight. If you ever watched a McGregor fights or you’ve watched MMA or any of those other fights as a bale, that range, and when the bell rings, there’s a fight that ensues, right.

And when the bell rings, if you’re not ready to fight, you get clobbered. But the bail is what determines when the fight starts. And sometimes it determines when the fight is over or when you’re resting in between, in between rounds. And the bail has. The bail is wrong. I’m your name, man. Better from the kids.

And I am you guys, the bill has wrong. Now. Some of you, your bail has been wrong. The enemy has rung your bell. You can ring my anyway. The bill has been wrong. And so your bail has been wrong. Cause enemies come in and waylaid you and he’s coming against you. And he’s tried to stop you. And you’re in a fight right now.

Some of you are in a fight of your lives. Some of you are in a fight right now that you realize you cannot win. You feel like you can’t win, but the battle is the Lord’s. That’s why it’s not intended for you to fight. You’re not supposed to fight by yourself. You’re not supposed to be fighting by yourself, but you realize that God is the one that’s behind you.

He’s in front of you. The Bible said that his glory is your rear guard. The Bible says that he will give his angels charge over you, who keep you in. They’ll keep you in your ways. And, and they’ll, and they’ll keep, bear you up with their hands so that you won’t dash your foot against a stone, but you are.

And that fight is again, is the weapons that we’re going to talk about. You have weapons. I mean, you know, you have weapons, you realize you have weapons that you, you know, it’s just, if you don’t realize the weapons you have, then you’re, you’re sunk, but there are weapons. And we’re going to talk about weapons this morning, look at your numbers.

So we’re going to talk about weapons. So we got neighbors, your neighbor or your baby, cause you’ve been fighting against them, but okay. Just look at the other neighbor, weapons, their weapons, weapons that we have five. So here’s what it says. Verse one of chapter 10 says now I Paul, myself and pleading with you by the meekness and gentleness of Christ, who in presence am lowly among you, but being absent, I’m bold towards you, but I beg you that when I’m present, I may not be bold with that confidence by which I intend to be voted against some, he goes, I’m coming at you, but some of you I’m coming and you’re going to feel some of the boldness that, that, that is not in his letter.

Because I’m coming in some of you with a vengeance, and here’s why he goes with that confidence who think of us as we walk, according to the flesh, you’ve been accusing me of walking all us of walking, according to the flesh. But I want to tell you this verse three for though we walk in the flesh. We do not war according to the flesh, we’re in this world, but we’re not of this world.

You’re in the world, but you’re not of it. And he says that we wouldn’t war when we war, we’re not worrying. According to the flesh, verse four for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty say they were in mighty in God for pulling down the strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought.

Remember the battle, the battle ground is your mind. The battlefield is your mind. The thoughts had come against your own. Every thought into captivity, to the beatings of Christ and being ready to punish all disobedience. When your, when your obedience is fulfilled, we are fighting there’s weapons. And so today we’re going to talk about three weapons that, that, that you fight against.

But in this war that we’re fighting against what, what God has placed in us. There’s no way not to be in a fight, but this war has to do with the weapons. And if you’re fighting in the carnal and if you’re fighting in the flesh, and if you’re trying to do it on your own, you’re going to be losing. You have to realize that the weapons that God has given us, they are mighty through God, to the pulling down every stronghold, every fight, every thought that comes in your mind.

If it does not line up with what God has said about you and what he said about your situation, then you are sunk. That’s why it’s important for you to notice the weapons that God has called her. So today we’re going to talk about those weapons and I want you to be steadfast and realize that when we fight, we fight with the power of God.

When we fight, we stand in the power and in the might of God, then it’s not necessarily by might nor by power, but by the spirit of God that we fight. And therefore, when we know that God is. And that he’s fighting with us and he’s not fighting against us, that God would open your eyes to see that the battle is not yours.

And the battle is not theirs, not from the east or west. The battle belongs to the Lord, God almighty. And when you understand. And the weapons that God is getting ready to give you and the weapons that God is getting ready to Fasten you with, that you realize that God is doing something amazing.

Yeah. Who’s ready to fight with me. I’ve been having boxing gloves cause I used to get bullied. So I got some training, some Boston training, Aaron, I still lost every fight. Okay. So listen, today. I want us to understand what I believe is one of the most important weapons that we should fight with. We’re going to take off the gloves because the fight is not.

The fight is spiritual. I believe that one of the greatest weapons that we can fight with as a believer is with his word. Everybody say his word, the Bible was created on three different continents, 13 different countries, over a 1600 period gap by 40 plus different people. And as all the pages came together, it all says the same thing about.

You know what I call that a miracle in the creation of the holy Bible. One more time, three different continents, 13 different countries, three different languages, 40 plus different people over 1600 period gap. And it all says the same thing about Jesus. That is a miracle. I believe that the Bible is underrated and unappreciated.

When it comes to spiritual battles, we want to fight with all these. But the holy Bible is where we should be going. Okay. You need more, the holy Bible, his word is a miracle because of how it’s been preserved after all these years. What am I saying? A famous philosopher named Voltaire. Some of, you may know about him, he’s responsible for the French revolution or the United States bill of rights.

Some of his quotes he said in 100 years, the holy Bible will be in museums for people to look at only and walk by and laugh at. This was in the 18 hundreds. Voltaire died at 83 years. The Geneva Bible Institute purchased his home and made Bibles and distributed the Bibles through his house. And is a miracle, not just in the creation of the holy Bible, but it’s a miracle of the preservation of the holy Bible.

But maybe you need some more, it’s a miracle in the circulation of the holy book. Christianity and the holy Bible is illegal and more than 60 plus countries. But if you Google right now, what’s the most best selling book in the world. It will say the holy Bible, I teach an apologetics class and we talk about this.

And of course I have a bunch of skeptical students. So I be like, go ahead, pull out your phones, Google ads. What’s the bus. The holy Bible, people are beheaded because of the holy Bible, but it’s the best selling book. Okay. Yes. There’s other books that were visited yeah. By one person. The second best-selling book in the world written by one person.

That’s cool, but it ain’t no miracle, 40 plus different people. 33 different continents, 13 different countries, 1600 period gap, three different languages. And it all talk about Jesus the same way. That’s a miracle. If you asked me pastor Vernon, what do you do when the devil starts talking lie? I go to the miracle.

But the Bible is not just a miracle. It’s also powerful. Can somebody say powerful with me? And the end of time, if you study eschatology, which means the study of the end times, you will learn and discover that at the end of time, Jesus will come back on a white horse. He’ll be sitting on the horse and his armies will be with.

The Bible says in revelation chapter 19 verse 15, that he will defeat his enemies with a sword that will come out of his mouth to strike his enemies. This is not a sword made of steel. This is his word. He ain’t coming down, pulling the sword out of his throat saying, come on. He will simply say. And every knee will bow.

Every knee will submit his word is powerful, but that still may not be enough for you. Jesus gives us an example of this, of how we should also speak towards our enemies. And when those lives try to come against us in John chapter 1800, this is one of my favorite scriptures right here. The Bible says that Jesus, he was getting ready to be arrested.

The soldiers came to him and Jesus said, who are you looking for? The Bible says in verse 15, I’m sorry. Verse five. They answer Jesus. We’re looking for Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus said to them, watch this cause it’s about to get good. He said, I am. And of course Judas was right there who betrayed him with the kiss for six, says this.

Now, when he said to him, I am he, they drew back and fell to the ground. Now, if that was me, I would’ve said what just happened. I’m running away instead angry. Peter comes with his little knife knife to cut off some ears and Jesus like painter. Did you not just see our spoken? They have. A little nicer and nicer.

I don’t need to a knife. The knife, my word is powerful enough. So that’s why whenever the enemy tries to tell me these lies, these things that have nothing to do with my true identity and purpose found in the word I called the devil. Oh, you are. And the devil, can’t say I’m a liar because that’s what the truth say.

The word says that he is the father of lies. I’m sure. Whenever the devil tries to talk to me, I’d be like, how’s you liar? He’s probably like, hello, will you to keep on being mad? Cause I’m a kid calling you over. When you start telling me I’m not worthy, I’m going to say actually I’m warrior priesthood.

Okay. When you start telling me that I have no purpose, I would say, well, I have great purpose found in him. Who is the creator of all things has given me my purpose. Not you devil you are nothing. I have a purpose when I was in kindergarten. People used to talk about. Yeah, here’s what I used to say. Huh?

You’re ugly. They used to say I was too dark. They used to say the only difference between you and midnight is 11 59 1 guy who was really jealous of me. He said, huh? When I look at you, It feels like I’m looking under my bed at night. I said, oh, that hurt my feelings. But in one day I was doing some homework and some popped up on the computer screen and said that dark chocolate has the best selling chocolate in the world.


That’s cool, but even better than that, the word says I am beautifully and wonderfully made. Hey man, when you start to hear the lies of Satan, that’s what you got to start speaking the truth. You don’t have to pick up your gloves, try to stop your gloves on shaking in fear. Now I have the word of God that supports.

That walks with me. Yay. Then I walked through the valley. I shall fear. Because he will never, never leave me nor forsake me. I may be in a season or in a time where I don’t know how things are going to work out, but for God, the creator of the universe, he knows all things. He’s a mission. So he knows what my future holds.

So I just lean on him. If I lean on his word, Everything’s gonna be all right, I’m going to pull a pastor, Chris, every little thing is gonna be all right. You don’t have to worry what the enemy is saying. Cause he’s gonna tell you a bunch of lies this day. Everybody say this day, moving forward, you won’t believe what the miracle book has to say.

What the PowerBook has to say no more believing those lies. So you really want to win a spiritual battle. You better stay in front of your word. You better memorize some of those scriptures. So that as the enemy is talking, you can do like Jesus did in the wilderness. You can start telling him truth right back to his face.

Somebody say worship, how many worshipers we got here this morning? So what God is looking for. Right. And he said, he’s looking for those that will worship him in spirit. And in truth, that word worship is our second weapon that we’re going to talk about this morning, or this afternoon, that would worship comes from two words.

And ship worth and ship worth is the value that we place on something. A ship is what carries something. It transports something. So our worship is the value that we carry for God, for his word, for his spirit, for hood, for who he is. And also, I wanna encourage you this. I just felt the holy spirit say this as I was thinking about that is your worship, your worth for God and your worship for him.

Like a ship it’s going to carry you through troubled waters. Listen, I wanna encourage somebody this morning. I don’t know who this is for here. Somebody that’s on the that’s worshiping online. I just feel this in my spirit. So strong. Listen, you’re going to make it to the other side. You’re going to make it to the other side.

Don’t wait. I wanna encourage you. Don’t wait till you get to the other side to worship. Make a decision, make a choice that you’re going to praise him. So you got to decide that beforehand, you can’t wait until you get into the fire to decide that you’re going to dance in the fire. You got to already be dancing.

And then when the fire comes, you’re like, you know what? I’m still dancing in the fire. I’m still dancing in the rain. I’m still praising and worshiping him. Why? Because he’s the same today, yesterday and forever. I like what David said, Psalm 34, verse one. He said this. He said, I will somebody say, I. Bless the Lord at all times, his praise shall continually rain or be in my mouth.

My boast will be in the Lord. I’m going to make my boast. My soul is going to boast in the Lord. The humble shall hear of it and be glad, oh, magnify the Lord with me. How do we magnify God? Can I ask you a question? God’s he’s he’s already big. He’s already large. And in charge. Yeah. So we’re not magnifying God.

We’re, we’re magnifying who God is in our own life, our experience of what his what’s in our spirit already let us exalt his name together, you know, worship. I remember I and worship for me. How many I’ve been through some times where your worship was warship. It, wasn’t just, I’m just going to worship the Lord because he’s so wonderful.

And he is, and we do that, but you you’re going through something. I don’t know how I’m going to make it. I remember I was in that place. I’ve been in that place a few times. And I remember when I was married before and when my wife, Natalie, that was married to before, before my beautiful bride, Meredith God brought her into my life.

She had a stroke after 14 years of marriage and unexpectedly within two weeks had transitioned to be with. I’ll never forget waking up that first morning after she had made that trip, transition and realizing, I would never see her again on this side of heaven, I would never hold her hand and never hear a voice, never see her face, but I made a decision.

I remember staring up at the ceiling and I had made a decision just like David said that I would bless the Lord at all times. That means that our circumstances, our situations don’t dictate our praise. Our praise is dictated by who God is. And it’s by faith. Have you ever been in a situation you just had to trust God, you just had to believe it.

Didn’t nothing was looking good. The landscape was not looking good. And you said, you know what, even though it doesn’t look good, I’m going to praise him. I’m going to worship him like David, I will somebody say I will. I will. So that’s the first key to worship is I will. The second one is this and Isaiah chapter 61, verse three, it says this, it says to put on.

Garment. I got my garment of praise on today. Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Now, when do you put a garment on what do you put clothes? I like the fact that it illustrates this, our praise is like a garment. It’s something that we have to put on. In other words, we have to make a decision.

We have to make a choice once again, our will has to be said that when I wake up in the morning, W what do I do before I go outside? I hope we all do this. You put on your garments, you put on your clothes. Well, more important than the clothes that you put on your physical body. You need to put on the garment of praise, no matter what I’m going to face this day.

This is the Lord’s day he made this day. I’m going to read. And I’m going to be glad in it. I don’t know what this day contains. I don’t have to know what I’m going to face because I know that my God is greater. I know that my Jesus has already won the battle. So I’m not praising from a place of trying to get the victory.

I’m praising from a place where I’ve already got the victory. In fact, you know, they say X marks the spot. I see the cross marks the spot. That’s where I stand. I’m standing. Listen, I know about you. Yeah, but I’m standing on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I’m not moving. I will. I wear the garment of praise.

Listen, don’t leave home without it. It’s cold outside. It’s cold. Heaviness wants to jump on us. Discouragement, depression. Someone here this morning, someone you’re you’re fighting. You’re fighting. In fact, I think some of us may be may. We took our garment of praise on life. Hit us challenges hit us. We got knocked back.

We got now back and we took our gamut to praise off.

We dropped it. I just wanna encourage you this. Maybe you don’t have the strength that you don’t feel like, you know, I don’t feel like praising God. One choice, one decision. It’s not a feeling. The Bible says, let everything that has breath. Do you have breath this morning? Listen, don’t let circumstances Rob you of your praise.

Pick that garment up. Some I say, I will. I wear, and I.

Acts chapter 16. Let’s look at this real quick. Last point is I wore, I wore because I’ve already won cause I’ve won in him. Right. Here’s what it says in acts chapter 16, Paul and Silas were preaching. They’re in Philippa. And they cast the demon out of this young woman who was making a lot of money for, she was a slave and a fortune teller, and she was making a lot of money for her owners and, and Paul cast this demon out of her.

And so these owners now had lost their way of income and they got upset. And so they took Paul and Silas to the magistrates, to the leaders. And this is what it says in verse 16, it says the crown jewel crowd joined in attacking them and the magic. Tore the garments off them and gave orders to beat them with rods, stripped him of their garments and beat them.

And I just felt the spirit say some of us this morning, we’ve been beat. Life has been beaten us up situations, circumstances, trying to beat our will to praise him. Some of us have, maybe got we’re just hanging on. I don’t know if I want to have hope. Maybe you’re just hanging on a thread this morning.

Listen, I wanna encourage you. Don’t take that gum to praise off. Listen. They stripped them. It says they took off their garments, locked them up in chains, but you know what? They couldn’t take. The garment of praise because listen, the garment of praise is not something that you wear on the inside. Inky. Is it?

The garment of praise is something that you wear on the inside. I may be locked up. I may be sitting, you may be sitting in a prison cell right now. I don’t know where. But listen on the inside. I don’t know. I feel like there’s some people here this morning that you’re standing up on the inside. You got praise in your heart.

I’m not going to just keep it in my heart. I’m going to let it, I’m going to let it out because he’s worthy. He’s worthy of the praise and this is what it says. It goes on. It says that Paul and Silas that about midnight, we’ll jump back about midnight, Paul and Silas. We’re praying and singing hymns to God and the prisoners or listening.

I like that. See, the world is listening. The world is watching. There are people around you and they’re watching how we are responding in those situations and in those circumstances. And as you begin to praise God, when it doesn’t make sense, I mean, how can you praise God and worship God when you’re going through that?

How can you praise God? Would that kind of diagno nosis? How can you worship God like that? Because my praise is not. Circumstances. And I love this because it says as they were listening, that there was an earthquake and the foundation shook and listen, it wasn’t just the chains and the, the, the the doors to Paul and Silas has sail that opened.

It was all they’re chains. Everyone’s chains were loosed. Everyone was set free. They’re all it says, all the doors were open. Can I just encourage you this morning. Your praise is powerful. Your worship is a weapon. It’s not just worship it’s worship. And the devil is afraid. He’s afraid of a worshiper. He’s afraid of someone that has marked that spot and said, no matter what happens, I’m going to pray.

I’m going to worship him. I’m going to exalt him. Why? Because he’s the king of Kings. He’s the Lord of Lords and he is worthy of all our praise.

All right. So you heard about the word and worship, and I want to talk to you just in the last few minutes about warfare prayer. I mean, you know, the prayer is. You is right now is the best weapon that one of the best weapons we can use. When we talk about prayer, I’m not going to hold you long, but I’m telling you right now, the church needs to pray.

I’m going to tell you right now, our family needs to pray. I’m going to tell you right now, the church of God needs to rise up in prayer because the Bible said, if my, if my, if my people who are called by, my name would humble themselves. I mean, we’ve got a humble. And pray say with me and pray, we’ve got to pray.

It’s not an option. If Jesus had to pray, what about you? If Jesus had to be a place of prayer, what about us? We have to get to a place of prayer. Here’s one of the things that’s a conundrum for a pastor. Let me tell you the truth. And I’m just going to say it just because you know how I am. I’m just going to say it.

The fact is is that the prayer meetings in this house are one of the most least attended meetings that we have in the. And I’m going to tell you what a dat needs to change. Can I tell you that that needs to change? I come into prayer meetings, we’d have have prayer meetings and usually it’s just a, it’s just a few.

If somebody’s like, well, I’m busy. You are not too busy to pray because God has called us to pray in this hour. I’m wanting to come to a day. There’s a day that is coming that I believe that God is going to call us to get back on our knees and begin to pray and see a nation turnaround for the glory of God, the father and Jesus.

We’ve got to get back to a place of prayer and we’ve got to pray. You’ve got to pray. I’ve got to pray. I want to walk in a prayer meeting and I don’t just see some of the pastures and I don’t just see some of the intercessors I want to walk in and not just see. I’m just going to say it. Just the women of the church that a brand.

Can I say it? It’s a true all the women. They just like, well, I’m coming, I’ll pray. And the middle, like we’ll all go out and all. We all have got to come into the unity and the power of prayer so that we can see this nation and our country turned around for Jesus. And I’m not just talking about talking about, I’m talking about praying about it.

The Bible says that the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man or woman avails much, or you believe that if we believe it, then why don’t we do it? If we believe that when we pray, something happens. Why don’t we do it as much as we need to, and I’m not, I know it’s one of those deals are like, are you putting condemnation on?

You know, I hope we are convicted though, that we come and pray. I hope that there’s a, a shot in your heart that says, you know what we need to give, because I mean, it’s easy to complain about stuff. You turn on the news. I mean, if you want to, if you want to get into complaint, section a section, you can, you can turn on the news.

You can turn on the radio, you can turn on anything external and get down about it and realize that, and you can complain about it, but the Lord says, what you going to do about it? Some of the best fights that I’ve ever got into, and that I have one had to be with someone stirring me up and asking me that question.

That is a question that I can’t. ’cause they would say to me, what you going to do about it? And they would say that to me. And I didn’t have an answer because what are you gonna do about so-and-so? What are you gonna do about this? And I didn’t have an answer, but the truth is we have an answer and his name is Jesus.

Jesus is still the answer for the world today above him. There’s no other Jesus is still. And there’s a place where he’s asking us to step into a place to pray. And when we pray, believe that God is going to do what he says he’s going to do and believe, and pray and have faith. That’s why the last one we’re talking about, we talked about the word, talk about worship.

We were talking about war fare, prayer. And so this is what is warfare, but I say warfare. Because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they’re mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. And I can preach about prayer. I can teach about prayer or I can demonstrate it. And this is why, how we were taught to pray Lord right now in the name of Jesus, I come to you and I’m thankful for this day, but I’m also thankful Lord that you are the way the truth and the life.

And no one comes to the father, except by you. I thank you, Lord. That you’ve empowered me. And that David said that I worried about hitting by heart. So. Sin against you. And I thank you, Lord, that we have your word to be able to stand on. I thank you, Lord, that heaven and earth will pass away, but your word remains forever.

I thank you, Lord, that, that with the grass Withers and the flower fades, but your word will remain forever. I thank you, Lord. That your word is forever settled in heaven. I thank you, Lord. That. Power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and all the power of the enemy. And we for drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt us.

I thank you, Lord, that you have gone before us and that we can stand in the evil day that we can stand knowing that our lawns are gird about with truth. I want to thank you, Lord, that you go before us and that you have all camped around and bite us and you give us angels that charge over us to keep us and all our way so that we won’t a dash our feet against the stone.

  1. That you are the one that puts her heads or protection around me. And that your name is Jehovah Niecy. That you’re our banner and protector. I thank you, Lord, that you are my God and my Redeemer, that my Redeemer lives forevermore. I thank you, Lord, that you’re covering my family. You’re covering my wife, you covering my kids and that they have the mind of Christ.

I thank you, Lord, that they are the ones that you are calling even for in this day to be able to stand. I thank you for your word that covers them. I thank you, Lord, that you have blessed him in the. It’s in the country blessed going in and coming out. I thank you, Lord, that you have ordered my steps and that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.

And though he fall, he shall not only be cashed down because the Lord will oppose him with this hand. I thank you, Lord, that you are my king and my Redeemer that there’s no one above you. I thank you that you are my God, and that you are the God that. Cream and you rule over everything. And I know that this day is in your hand and I move over so that you can do what you call me to do and that you can do in me what you want to do all decrease so that you can increase.

And I know that the power of God is working on the inside of me to do what you call me to do, to be who you call me, to be the step into the destiny that you’ve called me to stop in, into. Thank you, Lord, that you are the one that goes and you are the one that comforts me and the I though I walked through the valley of the shadow of death.

I don’t have to fear no evil because dry rod and our staff comforts me. And I know Lord that you’re preparing a table before me in the presence of my enemies. And I know Lord that you live forevermore in range, Brita.

When you begin to pray the word and you begin to worship that there is nothing like a God that we serve all throughout the Bible. There’ll be people that was dead counted down and out. Amen. Oh man, I’m telling you what have been down and out. But all of a sudden they begin to worship. All of a sudden, they begin to get in the word.

All of a sudden they begin to pray. And all of a sudden the tide began to change. I believe that God is saying right now that the tide of the war has changed. Yeah. Do you hear what I’m telling you? And there’s time for you to stand up, press Sustenna. Thank you for watching this message with us. We truly hope that it was a blessing to you.

And if it was, would you hit that like button and also subscribe so you can see our continent future? We’ll see, on the next one. .


Chris McRae

Lead Pastor, Elder
In his high school years, Chris was set free from anger and depression after an encounter with the Holy Spirit, and a passion was stirred in him to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to the broken and the lost. Chris is passionate about people- leading people to encounter the love of the Father, the truth of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. A second generation Pastor, Chris has a heart for equipping the body of Christ.
Chris is a graduate of Christ for the Nations and The King’s University. Chris first joined staff at Sojourn Church in Carrollton, Texas in 1996, and has served as Pastor of Children’s Ministry, Youth and Families. In January 2020, Chris began serving as Lead Pastor. Chris and Vanessa have been married since 1998 and have four children.
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