The Power of the Cross

Apr 5, 2020

“The Cross symbolizes the greatest victory this world will ever see- the sacrifice that Christ paid with His life, so we could live.  ”

Jesus paid with HIs life on the Cross, once and for all, and His sacrifice is still speaking today. The Cross says that we have been completely forgiven, that we have been given the power to live by faith in Jesus Christ, and His power, the very presence of God, is now living on the inside of us. Through the Holy Spirit, we partake in the divine exchange, giving God our brokenness and pain, and receiving His goodness and love.
Chris McRae
Senior Pastor
Chris joined the Sojourn family in 1996 while attending Christ for the Nations. Chris is passionate about impacting the lives of families with the life changing truth from the word of God. Chris and Vanessa have been married since 1998 and have four children.
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