Welcome to our Winter/Spring 2020 Sojourn Life season.
We are glad to be offering groups, classes, training, ministry and outreach opportunities. Your involvement in Sojourn Groups will allow you the opportunity to walk out the life-path that God has paved for you to travel together with Him and others. Groups are categorized by Sojourn Equip, Sojourn Groups, and Sojourn Serve. View the full directory of groups offered this season below.

Sojourn Equip

Throughout the week groups and training are offered to serve as a directional and purposeful equipping of your life. The mix of teaching, interactive discussion and fellowship are all intended to fuel your pursuit of relationship and discipleship with Christ.

Sojourn Groups

Promoting, cultivating and building healthy relationships through small groups, which edify, equip, empower, disciple and incite people to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.

Sojourn Serve

Blessing people through your service and gifting, as a volunteer or being part of a ministry team for the community of Sojourn Church. Some of our groups partner with established ministries in Dallas and our community to reach out and serve the poor, the hurting and the disenfranchised.


Sojourn Groups are our vehicle to bring about friendship and discipleship by building lasting relationships, caring for people, discipling others, and raising up leaders. Sojourn Groups are designed to help & serve you so that you can be the disciple God has called you to be.  Click on the group image to view details and registration information. We hope you will find a group to join this season.