Shot In The Dark

Oct 9, 2022 | McRae, Chris, Sermons

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One thing I wanna tell you about the book is usually when you start reading a book, you start from the beginning. That’s every book, right? You start right here with the preface and all the different ones that you read the beginning, the chapters. But today I’m going to start from the end of the book, the back of the book.
[00:00:17] The reason why I wanna start at the back of the book is, There is, This is the premise of the reason why I wrote the book because it’s called a Shot. It’s called a Shot in the Dark, and it’s not just because I was shot in a hunting accident in the dark, but the premise is this, that your life is not a shot in a dark.
[00:00:38] People say that be like it’s a shot in the dark, but I don’t know if it’s gonna happen. It’s a shot in the dark. It’s a long shot. I don’t necessarily know if it’s gonna succeed or not, or these plans are gonna succeed or not. Because it’s a shot in the dark. If you’re shooting the dark, you can’t see what you’re aiming at.
[00:00:52] So I may hit the target. I may not hit the target, but it’s a shot in the dark. I’ll just shoot and just pray that it happens. And the premise of this book is that your life is not a shot in the dark. God has purposes and plans for your life. He has blueprints. For your life, and he wants you to reach him.
[00:01:07] And the reason why you’re here today is because there’s a God who formed you in your mother’s womb and had a plan for you, and he had a purpose for you. And he wants to make sure that you hit the mark because he has called you for such a time as this and because he’s called you for such a time as is as time for you to realize your purpose.
[00:01:26] And the enemy has as much as he’s tried to, he’s painted targets on your back. He’s planted targets on you to try to do everything he can to take you out. But God, aren’t you glad that there’s a suffix. Aren’t you glad that there’s a comma? But God you would’ve not made it. You almost lost heart.
[00:01:43] You. Faded. You almost didn’t make it. But God, who is rich in mercy and who is because of his great love, you almost didn’t make it. I would’ve lost heart if I had not seen the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. That’s good. So some of you are here today because somebody prayed for you, because you’ve been because God has a plan for you and the enemy targeted you, but no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against you in judgment.
[00:02:13] Next we condemn. That’s good. Show it to be in the wrong, in Jesus name. So here’s the end of the book and here’s what it says. This is the very end of the book, the last page 1 78. It says, I would like to encourage you to pray this simple prayer of surrender as you believe it in all your heart. Father God, this day I surrender all.
[00:02:35] My pain, my trauma, my losses, my wins, my good and my bad. I give it all to you today. Today I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ and his resurrection. Help me to never be the same as I lean into your promise. No matter what I’ve seen or what I have been through. You are faithful to work it all together for my good.
[00:03:00] In Jesus name, amen. Amen. That’s the end of the book. Close. That’s the end and the reason why I started at the end, because my message today has to do with that prayer and it has everything to ask two questions. And the questions are these, because you talk about praying a prayer of surrender.
[00:03:18] So the truth is, and in my case, I had my life all planned out. I had everything planned out. I knew what I was going to do. I knew what God wanted me to do. I felt like I did and I had it all mapped out. But how many know there’s times when you have plans and you have things that you think is gonna go the way that you think is gonna go, then all of a sudden that life circumstances come up and then all of a sudden will cause everything that you thought you knew to be in disarray.
[00:03:43] Anybody know what I’m talking about this morning? You may be here this morning and you. In, in a situation and a circumstance and things that are going on a trial a temptation, some kind of turmoil in your life that you cannot solve yourself, you cannot do it by yourself. You are not able to figure it out all by yourself.
[00:04:02] And that is a place when you’re not, when you’re surrounded by all these different things that are going on, that is a place where you are need or you’re needing to be surrendered. So those are my questions today too. I only have two and that is, are. Surrounded and are you surrendered? Because the truth is that it’s times when you don’t know that you find out that you’re surrounded, that you realize that you need to surrender.
[00:04:29] Some of you today got some things going on. You’re just like, I don’t know how this is gonna turn out. I don’t know how this is gonna make, I don’t know how I’m gonna make it. I don’t know how I just don’t, I don’t know. But that’s good. That’s a good place because is at that place where the word of God says that my strength is made perfect in your weakness.
[00:04:44] Yes. So it’s good that you can’t figure it out because you gotta trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean out to your own understanding, but acknowledge him in all of your ways so that he can direct your path. I’m not leaning on my own understanding. There’s an old song we used to sing when I was growing up, Miss Linda Leaning Safe and Secure from All Alarm Leaning.
[00:05:10] Anybody heard that song? Leaning on the. And when I was a kid, I thought they were saying on the ever nasty arm. That’s what I thought they were saying. As a kid, I was like, I’m not leaning on nobody’s nasty arm. I ain’t doing, I ain’t gonna do it. Somebody nasty. You need to take a bath. I ain’t leaning on you
[00:05:30] Now some of y’all laughing, but you’ve been leaning on the things of the world and that’s nasty. Yes, God is saying You need to lean the other way. You need to lean the other way and lean on Jesus because he’s the only one that’s gonna cause you to be secure and safe. And he’s the only one that’s gonna establish your steps.
[00:05:43] Because the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. And though he fall, he shall utterly be casted down because the Lord will uphold him with his hand. So you need to lean the other way. Some of y’all been leaning the wrong way. You need to lean the other way because God has a plan for your.
[00:06:01] And it wasn’t until I found out I had plans and until I found out that I can’t do anything on my own with that bullet that came outta that gun, 34 foot pounds per second, 7.62 hollow point bullet that came outta that gun louder sound I ever heard in my life that shattered my, Seemed like it shattered my dreams and my hope.
[00:06:17] Because it’s that point where the bullet pierces the first bullet that came in through this side and exited out the side of the room. There’s times Pastor Kevin when I’m reading a book where I’m just like, Ooh. You know what I’m saying? I know what’s gonna happen, but I’m still like, Oh, wow. You know what I’m saying?
[00:06:30] Like I remember that. I remember. Reading the part where the bullet comes out, and I heard that sound and it knocks me off of the ATV that I’m on and I’m on the ground and there’s blood. Now this, I’m talking about that blood just trickling out of my side, but it is gushing outta my side, running down my pants and into my boots.
[00:06:47] It is a time where I just literally, Sad. I said, I’m going to die. I’m not gonna make it. Here’s what I’m gonna say to you. Everything that they’ve ever told you, everything you’ve ever read in Readers Digest and all these other things where they say, Hey, you know what, When you die, your life flashes before your eyes.
[00:07:04] My life did not flash before my eyes. Only thing that I saw the muzzle flash. I, you know what I’m saying? I saw. But the thing that flashed before my eyes, you say that they see, think about your life. I didn’t think about my life. The first thing that came to my mind when I was shot and that blood was rushing out was my.
[00:07:19] Amen. I’m gonna say this to you. I didn’t say this first. First, I’m gonna say to you, those of you, and I’m doing this too, cuz cuz the first thing that comes to your mind is your family. Lena. I can’t get a breath. I’m losing blood. I’m losing my breath and knocked a breath outta me because I can’t breathe.
[00:07:34] And some of you in here right now, you’ve had the breath knocked out of you. These last couple of years, you’ve had the breath knocked out of you because of circumstances and situation. You’re in a situation where the enemy targeted the trigger was pulled and the breath was knocked out of you.
[00:07:48] But that is a place when all the situation hits you hard and all of those foot pounds for second energy hit you hard and the breath is knocked out of you. That’s the time where God wants to breathe his life into you so that you can have life. He’s the life give. If you’ll breathe in. I remember in between, but I couldn’t breathe to say, tell my wife that I love her.
[00:08:13] My wife’s face glance before my eyes. My children should tell ’em I love them. I’m not gonna see ’em again. That’s I wrote my deaths. I said I’m gonna, I’m gonna die. I am not gonna make it. Some of you have felt that. I’m not gonna make it. I don’t know how I’m gonna make this outta this marriage.
[00:08:34] I dt know how I’m gonna make it in this marriage. I don’t know how I’m gonna reach finances. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it with the children. I don’t know. I’m gonna make it out of this addiction. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it out this, out, this, out, this oppression.
[00:08:47] I don’t know how I’m gonna make it outta depression. I’m smiling on the outside, but I am dying on the.
[00:08:58] I’m coming to church and I’m raising my hands, trying to raise my hands in worship, but on the inside I’m raising my hands because I give up and I wanna tell you that God is saying to you today, Fear not. For I am with you. I am the one that brings you out of your trial and tribulation. He promises us that when we go through the flood, I’ll be there when we go through the flame.
[00:09:29] I’ll be there when you go through the flood. All the things I will be right alongside with you. His promise is that he’ll never leave you nor forage you. You may be going through it, but you’re not going through it alone. Thanks be to God who always gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
[00:09:47] Thanks be to God who causes me to triumph. Even in the midst of pain, in the midst of suffering, in the midst of all the turmoil and strife that’s going on in your life, there is a God who wants you to know that you are known then, that you know that you are loved and you are valued, and he went to the cross for you so that you could have.
[00:10:07] And have it more abundantly. I’m laying there. I’m not gonna make it. And that family crosses my mind. I’m telling them goodbye. I’ve written, I’ve said enough, and I know that I’m gonna die. I’m not. I just know you don’t lose that much blood and live and make it. I saw die hard. , Bruce Willis played that to a t.
[00:10:30] Brother shot himself and still was beating people up. You know what I’m saying? Iny, how does that work? You are shoot yourself and dare, you know what I’m saying? I don’t understand that and so I just, I don’t know. The truth is that in that time, I can’t do anything for my family. I can’t do anything for myself.
[00:10:47] I can’t do anything for anybody else. So I had to surrender. So that’s a question only you can answer. Are you surrendered? Let me back up and ask the other question first. Are you surrounded, Some of you’re surrounded by problems and issues and stuff, and if you’re surrounded, then it’s a good place for you to surrender.
[00:11:12] I watch a lot of some, Sometimes I watch this show called swat, and this is the one announcement that they make when they get on the bullhorn. They go, Ma’am, or Sir, we have you surrounded, come out with your hands up the truth. Is that as you’re surrounded, you throw your hands up. In worship because you realize that you can worship the one who has surrounded you with hope, who has surrounded you with peace, who surrounded you with joy and surrounded you with favor, Who surrounded you with his goodness?
[00:11:43] When? When Pastor Jen was sitting up to saying, Your goodness is running after me. I love the fact that your goodness is running after me. That means that I can’t run away from it. And if I turn around to his goodness. If I turn around and if I spin around, I realize I’m running right into his goodness because his goodness runs after me.
[00:12:00] And his cup. My cup overflows with his goodness. Amen. I was coming in to, to work. And you don’t, you get, there’s a daycare over. And as I was pulling into work one day, I they’re always playing. They’re always just playing. When I love stopping sometimes and just listening to ’em cuz they’re just playing.
[00:12:17] And this one guy was chasing these two girls and he was like, I’m on Get you. And then they would run, I said typical guy. Get ’em. You know what I’m saying? I was just typical. He was running. And so all of a sudden he, he runs and then finally the he goes, I’m done. He goes, I’m going inside.
[00:12:31] I hear, I’m watching this, I’m watching this from my deal. He goes, I’m done. I’m going inside. And those two girls were like, Wait a minute, you’re supposed to chase us. And so he goes, I’m through, I’m out. So he just goes inside and I was laughing and you’re laughing right now, but here’s what I wanna tell you.
[00:12:45] There’s something that God has put on the inside of you that when God says, I’m gonna get you with my goodness, that says, Wait a minute, I want all your goodness. Yeah. And sometimes when it feel like the chase has stopped, you turn around and go, Wait a minute. You’re supposed to be chasing after. But the truth is, if you got two people chasing after each other, you will run smack dab into his goodness and his presence.
[00:13:06] When you’re running after God and you know that he’s running after you, Once you turn around, you will meet in the middle and God has good things in store for you. Amen. Amen. So it’s a place where are you surrendered and you surrendered, and you’re surrounded by choices because life is choices. Yeah, choosing him is the best thing that you can do.
[00:13:28] Life is are you surround, you surrounded by choices. Vanessa, one of the things I love about her is she never, and I appreciate this about her, she never makes me watch. Romantic chick flicks. She never does. She just, I just loved the fact, and before we had kids, she would watch like bunch of shooting, Blackhawk down and stuff like that.
[00:13:46] But after she had kids, she stopped watching that cuz she goes, That’s somebody’s kid. I can’t watch that. That’s somebody’s daughter, somebody’s child. So I’d be like, That’s okay. I’ll watch it for you. But we’ve never watched any, she’s never made me watch like a romantic, I’ve never watched downtown ABB or anything.
[00:14:00] I don’t watch that. But I did one time catch a glimpse of the notebook. And and a glimpse of a notebook and what I’m thinking about you is the scene comes in where it’s pouring down rain. The rain is pouring down, and he’s sitting there and he’s facing the girl. And so he goes, What do you want?
[00:14:16] What do you want? And she goes, It’s not that simple. It’s not that simple. She goes, he goes, What do you want? And she goes, You don’t. It’s not that simple. And the rain is pouring down. I’m like, We’re in the real universe. There’s something like that going on. How in the world, y’all know what I’m talking about?
[00:14:30] Anybody seen that universe? What do you want? That is not going on in our house, but the rain is pouring. Can you imagine me sitting there looking at Vanessa going, What do you want? And she goes, Oh, it’s not that simple. It’s not that simple. Go. I just wanna do what you want me to do.
[00:14:42] Just tell me. And the rain is pouring. Let me tell you how it is at our place. I’m in the car going, Where do you want to eat? I don’t know. Where do you want to eat? I don’t know. What about this place? No, we ate that yesterday. What about this place? Nope. We ate that this morning. I, What? What do you wanna eat?
[00:14:57] That’s what’s going on in our, at our place. Where you, where do you want to eat? And then that goes on for about 10 minutes, and then after that goes on for about 10 minutes, she’d be like, You better find me a place to eat right now, or the next book is coming out. One man’s journey of a dead man, a dead husband.
[00:15:14] You don’t gimme something to some place to eat. Now much as you’re laughing, the truth is that God really does have a plan for your life. And there are choices. The choices are that you choose Christ, that you choose him, that you choose his plans, and you surrender to his way. Because when you’re surrounded by choices and you’re surrounded by problems, surrounded by issues, the truth and the matter is that you gotta, You could choose Christ, choose him, you.
[00:15:39] And so when I’m talking about being surrendered, some of you’re saying, I surrender. To Christ a long time ago, but that’s not the surrender that I’m talking about. I’m talking about an everyday surrender to the Lord. I’m talking about surrendering your plans, surrendering your marriage, surrendering your finances, surrendering your life, surrendering your mind, surrendering your emotions, your will, emotions, all surrendering to God.
[00:16:01] I know you surrendered your life to Christ, but it’s not a one time event. It’s an everyday lifestyle that God has called us to live and to surrender. Amen. Are you hearing what I’m telling? This is what the message Bible says. I don’t normally read out the message Bible, but here’s what it says Romans 12 and the message Bible Peterson describes it as this, So this, so here’s what I want you to do.
[00:16:22] God helping you take your everyday, ordinary life, you’re sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking around life and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for. Don’t become so well adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking.
[00:16:42] Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily Recognize what he wants from you and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you. Develops well-formed maturity. Amen. That’s what it says.
[00:17:05] So surrender. Are you surrounded or are you surrendered? Have you surrendered your life to him? Those thoughts that consume me on a regular basis. Have you surrendered that to. Those things those addictions. Have you surrendered that to him? Those, So your thought life, have you surrendered that to him?
[00:17:18] Have you surrendered your every, I’m talking about on a daily basis because the invitation is still there. Here’s the invitation. Come to me, all you that are heavy LA and burdened down and I will give you rest. That’s an invitation. Here’s another one. Take up your cross daily and follow me. That’s also an in.
[00:17:40] We get to pick and choose the invitation sometimes I will take the getting rest, but I won’t take the cross for 300. Alex, I’m not gonna take their, I’m not gonna take the cross. The gospel is not an m and m trail mix message where you get to pick out the M and out of the bag and you get to pick, I’ll take joy and peace.
[00:18:05] , I don’t wanna suffer. I don’t wanna fellowship with this suffering, even though it’s in the word. I don’t wanna have to put, I don’t wanna have to give up anything. This is not Amazon. You don’t get to pick and choose your life. If you’re gonna come into the Christian life, you’re gonna surrender your life to God and you’re gonna surrender your life to him and call and say, God, I don’t know.
[00:18:28] I thought I knew what I wanted to do. I thought I knew what you’d call, but I don’t. I give up. Tell me what you want me to do. I’ll do. I’ll follow you. I’ll do what you’ve call me to do. I’m done doing it myself. I’m tired of doing it my own way. I’m talking about it. I thought the marriage were gonna be this way, but it looks like this.
[00:18:44] I thought my finance was gonna look like this. I don’t know. It’s gonna be, That’s what I’m telling you. That’s what circumstances are due to your life. That’s what happened to Vanessa and I and my whole family. I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I had it planned, but I’m taking that bullet changed everything because I was helpless.
[00:19:02] Everything. I still got stuff in scars and stuff. I still have bullet fragments on the inside of me as a residue of what the enemy tried to do, changed my whole life. And think about this process. Somebody had to call my wife and tell her that her husband had been shot. And think about that.
[00:19:24] She’s eight months pregnant. Seven months. Seven months pregnant, seven months. I had to ask cuz I wouldn’t know seven months pregnant. And so she gets a phone call. Somebody’s called her and say, Your husband’s been shot. First thing she says is this a joke? Is this a joke? Is this? She, they should know, ma’am.
[00:19:40] I wouldn’t joke. He said, No ma’am, I wouldn’t joke about this. And it wasn’t until they called the second time that she heard the helicopter and the background where she realized this really isn’t a joke. My husband’s been shot. And so I ask her a lot. , because I’ve been reading a book. I said, Man, this is intense.
[00:19:55] I go, What? What did you think? What was the first thing that came to your mind when you got that phone call and you knew I was shot and you didn’t realize I was gonna make it? What goes through your mind? What? What did you think? She said, You really want to know? I go, Yes, I’m, I really want to know.
[00:20:11] I know I was dying and I know you, Were you just Oh, my husband. My husband. She was like, First thing I thought was, is, do we have life insurance? I wanted to know if we were covered, how much money was I gonna get, I just wanna know if we gonna be covered.
[00:20:27] I go after that. After you said the life insurance deal. . After the life insurance deal, which hurts my heart, by the way, , When you say things like that, what were you thinking? What did you do after you got the phone call? She goes, I took, She goes, You, I what? I took a bath. She goes, I took a bath. I go a bath.
[00:20:50] You didn’t start packing clothes? She goes, No. I took a. I go, Why she bec? She said, Because there was nothing I could do was outta my control. All I could do was pray and trust God. She goes, I got into that bath, and she goes, A peace came all over me. Do you remember the old commercial cow gun? Take me away and then all of a sudden she falls into the pool.
[00:21:14] You know what I’m saying? I wanna tell you that you don’t have Cal Gun, but you got cavalry that God had went to. Jesus went to the cross, and because he went to the cross, he took away all your sins, took away all your transgressions. He took away all of that. All of those things so that you can have a life that he’s called you to have.
[00:21:32] So no, now, no Cal Gun take you away, but Calvary took it away, and so she said, I took a bath. Now here’s what I wanna tell you. Some of you need to just take a bath. What do you mean? The Bible says that we’re to wash ourselves with the water of the word, and when you wash yourself with the water of the word, then you wash off all that negativity and the fear and the doubt, and the unbeliev and all of the things that the enemy meant for you to try to keep you in a place of bondage and fear.
[00:21:59] The water of the word. We’ll wash that away. How do you know? Because the Bible says that I’m the head only and not to tell I’m above only and not beneath. The Bible says that I am blessed in the city, blessed in the country, blessed going in, blessed going out. I have the mind of Christ. I have been given everything that pertains to life in godliness.
[00:22:18] I’ve been blessed with every spiritual blessing. And the heaven places. His glory goes before me. His glory is my rear guard. And though I that the Bible says that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord and. All that should not only be cast down because the Lord uphold him with his hand.
[00:22:33] My God shall supply all of my needs according to his riches and glory by Christ Jesus, my God. He is the one that goes before me and he’s the one that carries me and he’s the one that ordained and destined my steps. Why should I fear? Why should I be afraid when my God is for me? Then who can be against me?
[00:22:53] Woo.
[00:22:57] So somebody you need to take a. Because you know why you don’t even need to take a bath? Because fear doesn’t smell good on you. That’s right. Unbeliev doesn’t smell good on you. Yeah, doubt does not smell good on you. Yes. Is that commercial? Don’t you love dial? Use dial? Don’t you wish everybody did?
[00:23:18] Do you remember that as a commercial? Yeah. Don’t you want to have faith and don’t you wish everybody else did too? to believe that God is gonna do what he says he’s gonna do. So she took a bath, wash herself with the water of the word, because God says, for th Lord or a shield for me, he’s the glory and lifter of my head.
[00:23:39] And so some of you are surrounded by that, and I’m telling you what I, The testimony is true. The book is absolutely a place where the plot thickens and there’s twist and there’s turns. . There’s history in it. There’s life in it, but at the same time, there’s an opportunity for you to surrender your life to the Lord.
[00:23:58] Are you surrounded? Then surrender. We have you surrounded surrender to the Lord. Now I’m gonna ask you a question just asked, but how, what are the things that the Lord is wanting you to surrender today? What? . I’m looking across here. God, there’s something that he wants you to surrender and there’s things that we thought we surrendered to the Lord and we just said, Lord, I give that to you.
[00:24:24] And it was a good prayer too. Lord. I just give that to you. I give it to you. It’s yours. It’s right there next to your foot. Your left foot right there. I surrendered it to you. It’s over here then right over here. I’m just trying to tell you. If you’re not gonna do anything with it, I’ll just take it.
[00:24:39] And the Lord says you didn’t really surrender. Yeah. Surrender means take your hands off. Surrender means take your thought life. Just say, Lord, I’m not gonna think about it. I’m gonna give it to you and I’m really gonna turn away. Cuz only you can fix it. Only you can. Only you can change it. And I’m only just talking about your circumstances, your situation.
[00:24:59] You just surrender your plans to him. I thought I called Vanessa one day when I was working at Delta. I said, Lord, I said, Vanessa, you’re not gonna believe this. I just had a meeting with our supervisor and we’re gonna be rich. I was in my twenties. I go, We working at Delta Airlines. Girl, I’m gonna fly you all over the world for free, because I work for Delta Airlines, which Delta stands for.
[00:25:21] Don’t ever leave the airport. You know what I’m saying? That’s where it stands from. . It also stands for don’t expect luggage to arrive. That’s where it all of a sudden is. That’s where Delta’s delta I’m like, But a girl. I’m on. I’m am I very right. But girl, I’m going take care of you,
[00:25:38] and God says, Here, hold my wine . I got plans for you here. Hold it. I got good things in store for you, but there’s gonna be some suffering in the middle of it. Some of you’re suffering right now. Some of you got some things right now. You’re suffering. You’re face isn’t telling me that you’re suffering.
[00:25:56] Your eyes aren’t telling me that you’re suffering, but I know you are. And so here’s what needs to. , you guys are suffering. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. I wouldn’t tell you this that you may be suffering right now, but that means that breakthrough was on the other side.
[00:26:13] You may be in a storm right now and the winds and are howing and the waves are beating up against your ship and the waves are beating up against your life. But you don’t need to worry because you’re not in good hands with all state. You’re in good hands with Jesus because God says that he is the one that will cause you to go over to the.
[00:26:31] Side, The storms of life may come, but my house is founded on the Rock, and because it’s founded on the Rock, it is a firm foundation. It is a steadfast foundation and whatever the enemy is trying to do, and then waves can beat up against that house, but look out the window and say, My house is still standing because it’s founded on the Rock, which is Christ Is your house founded on the rock?
[00:26:56] Yes. Because if it’s founded on the rock, you gonna rock this life. You’re gonna rock your situation. You going, everything else can be rocking. But you gonna rock. You gonna rock it out because God has good things in the store. Amen. Amen. And so all you need to do is surrender. We have you surrounded. Come out with your hands up.
[00:27:21] Your life is surrounded. Come out with your hands up. Your family is surrounded, Come out with your hands up because you realize that the one who you’re surrendering to is the one that’s able to carry you.


Chris McRae

Lead Pastor, Elder
In his high school years, Chris was set free from anger and depression after an encounter with the Holy Spirit, and a passion was stirred in him to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to the broken and the lost. Chris is passionate about people- leading people to encounter the love of the Father, the truth of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. A second generation Pastor, Chris has a heart for equipping the body of Christ.
Chris is a graduate of Christ for the Nations and The King’s University. Chris first joined staff at Sojourn Church in Carrollton, Texas in 1996, and has served as Pastor of Children’s Ministry, Youth and Families. In January 2020, Chris began serving as Lead Pastor. Chris and Vanessa have been married since 1998 and have four children.
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