Rise Up in Faith

Nov 21, 2021 | Core Values, Kingdom, Markert, Fred, Personal Responsibility

Sojourn Church had special guest speaker Fred Market come and share an encouraging word. People need to be reached with the gospel, and the Lord is calling the church to rise up and be kingdom minded!

Due to Covid, there have been many changes that alter what global missions looks like, but it doesn’t stop the Lord from working. Even if there are obstacles that stand in the way of progression, Fred Market reminds us that what is impossible with man is possible with God.

Fred Market charges the church to seek God’s face, not just his hand. In order to rise up in faith and to overcome fear there needs to be a desire for knowing God’s character versus knowing God through his acts.

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Guest Speaker Fred Markert

 After becoming a Christian in Berlin, Germany in 1973, Fred pastored a church of young people involved in Bible smuggling and ministry to the underground church of communist Eastern Europe. He graduated from Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX in 1977, and then joined Youth With A Mission.

Fred’s ministry has taken him to 150 countries over the past 30 years and allowed him to collaborate on projects with a wide array of churches, denominations, mission agencies, universities and non-profit organizations worldwide.

Today Fred leads Youth With A Mission Network for Strategic Initiatives (YWAM NSI), an international networking team based in Colorado Springs which identifies and coordinates large-scale ventures, and the Terra Nova Project (TNP), also in Colorado Springs, which integrates local churches, church networks, international ministries, and YWAM locations in order to focus coordinated effort into the seven strategic initiative regions of the world.