Many times believers struggle with thoughts, feelings or actions that prevent them from walking in the freedom Christ paid for on the cross. If you have recognized areas in your life where these situations are the case, consider receiving Personal Freedom Ministry from one of our teams of trained volunteers. At Sojourn Church, Personal Freedom Ministry is a two-part process.

Part I: You will learn more about the process, meet some of the team members and complete a personal questionnaire that will be used during your 3-hour, private ministry session. Orientation attendance is required to schedule the ministry session. Orientations are offered on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 9 AM, register by using the button below.

Part II: Attend your private ministry session where you will meet with one of our trained two person teams for a three-hour time of ministry.

Jesus paid in full for each of us to live in freedom-body, soul and spirit. Most of the soul issues that we deal with are actually symptoms of a deeper root. Personal Freedom Ministry, based on Restoring the Foundations (RTF), is an integrated approach to biblical healing that removes four key blockages to walking in freedom in Christ. 

Meredith Alliston

Meredith Alliston

Pastor, Care Ministries