God has put clear direction on our hearts to be intentional in growing deeper in relationship with God and with each other, growing deeper in our faith and our faith walk through four key areas:

1. Encounter – Encounters with God and the Holy Spirit through worship, listening, and prayer.
2. Discover – Bible Studies, E-Learning, and Seminars
3. Connect – to the church and other believers
4. Make a Difference – Learning our Spiritual Gifts and Serving others.

– Next Steps classes launch on the first Sunday of the month –

Next Steps is a 4-week class — at 11 AM on Sundays — focusing on one area each week (Encounter, Discover, Connect, Make A Difference). Each one is a step designed to help people grow spiritually and become a disciple that makes a difference.

Next Steps is for everyone: guests, new members, as well as seasoned members, who are ready to take the Next Step towards personal and spiritual growth and getting connected into the Sojourn community. 




Make a Difference

If you have already registered and are journeying through the class, click on the areas below for resources:

Encounter – Week 1:

Discover – Week 2:

Gerald Chester is a long-time member and Elder of Sojourn Church.  His application of biblical principles and biblical worldview is important for every believer after understanding Advanced Foundations:

Dudley Hall has been Sojourn’s Spiritual Authority since the beginning.  He is theologian and scholar and is able to share the truths of God’s Word in relatable ways.

Make A Difference – Week 4: