Sojourn Church believes that Biblical Christianity applies to all of life including the workplace (i.e., business, education, or government, etc.) Therefore, it is believed that the principles and values by which Christians should work are found in the Bible as illuminated by the Holy Spirit. To assist the members of Sojourn Church in properly applying the Bible to workplace issues, Sojourn established a business council. The purpose of the business council is to articulate a Biblical Worldview on workplace issues and to serve as a resource to the leaders and members of Sojourn church in the following ways:

  • provide teaching and training on workplace topics
  • provide advice to the church staff regarding financial, operational, and facilities matters;
  • provide simple business, financial, and career counseling advice;
  • be a resource for next generation training (i.e., act as an educational resource for youth and young adults as they transition into the workplace); and
  • assist in resolving disputes between Christians.

We have several groups with a MarketPlace focus. Find out more about these groups meet.