How God Actually Saved My Life

Oct 31, 2021 | Father God, Harris, David Jr., Harvest Month

“He loves you, He’s with you, He’s in you, and He wants to make all things new in your life.”
Guest Speaker David Harris Jr. shares his powerful testimony displaying God’s saving grace and overwhelming love. God saved his life and allowed him to change the world in many ways today. God performs miracles everyday and helps change the lives of those who walk in His path.
God preserved David’s life when he was close to death, and brought him out from the dark life he was previously living and into the light. No one is ever too far for God to reach.

The revelation shared was the revelation of the love of the Father for His children. The creator of the universe wants to be close to us. No matter who we were before we found him, God wants us to come to him so he can restore us and make us new.