How Do You Communicate With God?

Oct 17, 2021 | Harvest Month, Jesus, Rutland, Mark

Guest Speaker Dr. Mark Rutland spoke as the second guest speaker in our Harvest Series! The focus in his message was answering the question: How do you communicate with God? Based in John 1:1-4 and 10:10, Dr. Mark Rutland walked us through the way in which the Lord communicates, which is perfect, but may not always make sense to us. He also touched on how proper and healthy communication leads to helping us translate God’s messages with understanding. 

 The heart of God is not to cause confusion, but to bring clarity. Whenever there might be a scripture where Jesus seems like he isn’t communicating clearly, we have to ask ourselves what vantage point is he speaking from, with what lens is he seeing things, and what heavenly guidance do we need from the Holy Spirit to help us understand? 

 Dr. Mark Rutland closes off his sermon by talking about the ultimate choice. The ultimate choice we have to choose is to choose life. A life of not just merely existing, but a life of freedom, joy, and hope. A life lived attached to bondage, suffering, and pride is not true life, but death. Choose to live freely. Choose Jesus.


Guest Speaker Dr Mark Rutland

Dr. Mark Rutland is the Founder and Director of the National Institute of Christian Leadership and Global Servants, a missions organization with focused efforts in Ghana and Thailand. He is a New York Times Best Selling author, educator, charismatic leader, businessman and a nationally recognized figure in Christian higher education.