How Do We Pray

Aug 21, 2022 | McRae, Chris, Sermons

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Okay. So as we get into the word, I wanna remind you of something that I said two weeks ago. And I want you to hear this, not just with your physical ears, but with your spiritual ears. I want you to hear this and that is this. I do not. Care more about feeling chairs in this place more than I am your heart’s being filled and you being equipped to do the work of the ministry.

[00:00:23] Here’s what I mean by that. Some pastors are just like, we gotta fill the building and I’m great. I want you to come. I want, and as many people to come and be a part as one as to bring people I, and yes, I want you to be proud to bring people, but here’s what I’m saying. I am more interested in you being a disciple of Jesus Christ and a disciple of the word and disciple a follower of Jesus than I am you coming and checking church off your list?

[00:00:50] I’m not, I don’t. You’re just like we had church and I went to church and I checked it off list. And if it didn’t help you to be a disciple and a follower of Jesus during the week, then I’ve failed in my. because I am not, I’m just not be like we had church and we provided a good service and everybody sang some songs and then we prayed for people.

[00:01:08] And then we went home and we went to lunch and whatever. And then you forget about what we talked about and we forget about the fact that I’m equipping you. I want you to be equipped because on Monday, tomorrow is Monday. Tomorrow, you’re gonna go to work. You’re gonna go to school and you’re gonna need to be equipped to do what God’s called you to do and to be who he’s called you to be.

[00:01:27] So I’m not, I come to church, but if you are just thinking that I’m just gonna come and check church off my list and then to be over with, because that’s something to do. I’m telling you it is wrong. Motivation to come to church. The right motivation is God, I want everything you have for me because Monday’s coming Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, all those things are coming.

[00:01:46] And I know the enemy is trying to do everything he can to take me out. And because of that, I need to be equipped. Whether that’s worship, whether that’s relationship, whether it’s the word, whether it’s, whatever it is that we have, we’ll put a SM mortgage board of tables of things that you, we believe that you need to be able to go out and be able to fight the enemy and be more than conquerors through Jesus Christ and be one who is seated in heavenly places.

[00:02:09] One who has the mind of Christ one who know. Who they are in Christ and is able to walk according to the will and ways of God, one who is able to defeat the enemy on all circuits and all spheres of influence, because, and whom I have believed that he is able to keep that, which I’ve committed to him against that day, that I am more than a conquer through Christ Jesus that not only have in mind in Christ, but I am walking with him daily.

[00:02:30] I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I am not only just seated to heaven places, but he’s given me everything that pertains to life and godliness. He’s blessed me with every spiritual blessing and the heavenly places. And I. A child of God who stands in the place of my family and who he’s called me to be so that we can advance the kingdom of God in every place, in every sphere of influence.

[00:02:51] That is the goal. If you wanna know why you come to church, that’s why we come to church has nothing to do with it. We just wanna feel the building, man, shoot. If that’s the case, that cowboy game last night, you know what I’m saying? If that’s the case we can, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about you.

[00:03:05] Having a perspective of Jesus and it changes you and you’re going out and be the church to the unchurch. Does everybody understand that? That ain’t even my message. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I was saying that ain’t even your message, but I just want you to understand, I don’t want you to get in your ideas let’s go to church.

[00:03:21] We don’t just go to church. We are the church. We had to be the church to change everything around us. You ready get that. Yeah, sir. I’ll be proclaiming that till he comes. That’s what we are. That’s what soldier is about. Now, today I had a message all planned out that I feel like the Lord gave me, but I had to, I scratched it and I’ll preach it later because I believe that what pastor Terry preach last week is important.

[00:03:46] Prayer is important. How many guys know that prayer is important? So our title of the message today is the prayer connection. We are connected through prayer. We connect to God. And we connect with others through prayer. Those are my two points. I only have two today, and then we’re gonna pray at the end. I believe this.

[00:04:03] And I want you to hear this that your prayers are powerful. Prayer is powerful. As I look out in this congregation, I’m telling you, I’m looking at a bunch of answered prayers. Did you know that. Right now I’m looking at I’m answering prayers. I’m thinking about right now, I’m looking at a miracle right here that had two strokes and then God absolutely healed him.

[00:04:26] And he’s here. I’m just saying there’s miracles right here. Thinking about Phillip and the miracle that God I’m thinking about. I’m looking at all you guys, some of you guys don’t even know that I know that there’s been miracles and signs and wonders that have been released. I’m looking at miracles. I’m looking at, I myself am a miracle.

[00:04:40] I wouldn’t be here if it was not for the Lord. Anybody else have a testimony that if it had not been for the Lord, I wouldn’t even anybody know what I’m talking. And that’s why everybody else is I don’t know if I believe in prayer. Hey, I believe in prayer, pastor Terry, a miracle because God saved it.

[00:04:54] I’m telling you God, God is working. And he works through prayer. And here’s my thing. I’m praying that after any of this message, I only have just a little bit of time. I pray. That you would have a fresh revelation of prayer and that you would engage in it, like you never had before so that you realize it is the, one of the most powerful forces on the face of the earth prayer is, and that you’ll engage in it because when the people of God get together woo.

[00:05:18] And they pray even in your own prayer. Woo. You know what I’m saying? So that if you don’t know, if you’re not from this church, when I go, who that means that there’s no words to describe what I’m talking about. And so you laughing, but the truth is some of y’all have had some woo moments. You know what I’m saying?

[00:05:34] I’m that little Richie, I’m just saying, woo. When God gets a hold of your prayer life and you realize that when I get down and I, everything else could be going crazy. Everything else in my life could be shifting and sifting and going all. Which away, but I know when I get down on my knees or when I get in the posture of prayer, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that I could ask or think because he’s a powerful God who partners with us as we pray powerfully to see him move powerfully in the earth.

[00:06:05] And that’s what’s gonna happen when we get to I’m praying you give, let’s just pray Lord right now in Jesus’ name. I thank you, Lord. I pray God that our ears will be open. Our hearts will be open. Our minds will be open to hear what the spirit of God is saying to us, the spirit that, that lives within us.

[00:06:19] And it’s the same one that raise Christ from the dead that lives in us and quickens our bodies. So I pray that we would hear what the spirit of God is saying, what you’re saying to us today. And we thank you, Lord, for that in Jesus name. I have a question and that is why don’t we pray as much as we need to.

[00:06:38] And I’m not, it’s not a condemnation thing, but it is true. If you knew that God would answer your prayer every time you prayed, would you do it more? That’s a question you don’t have to answer it, but would you, because we don’t pray prayer meetings in our house. I’m talking about this house are one of, some of the most least attended meetings that we.

[00:06:57] Because, and it’s his truth. I’m praying that it would change. And when we have a prayer meeting, when we make a prayer meeting available, that it is something that we would be, it would be the most attended because we have a revelation of what prayer does. Prayer is so important. I pray I, we try to pray all the time.

[00:07:13] He’s like he said, he tells us the Bible says, but we, for that, we are to pray without. How do you do that? They if you understand that you’re always connected to God, then, and prayer just comes naturally all the time. I’m praying about all, all, everything I’m praying about. I’m praying about my wife, I’m praying about my kids.

[00:07:30] I’m praying AB I pray for you. I pray for this church. I pray and I’m praying. Continue to pray. An attitude of prayer, I, a posture of prayer and I. That when we pray, the reason why we don’t pray is because we don’t believe that God answers our prayer, or maybe he didn’t answer it the way we wanted him to answer it.

[00:07:47] Or when we pray, it’s hap it’s taken too long or we’ve given up on something. And God is saying, if you realize how important prayer is and how powerful prayer is, you would do it all the time. You would. Yeah. I realized that some people don’t pray because , they don’t know how to pray. I remember when I.

[00:08:05] I didn’t know. I didn’t know how to pray. I came from a praying family. My dad prayed all the time. He was here and he preached and he said I would get Chris up at five 30. It was, he said, five, five o’clock in the morning. It was five. He would get up. He would get up 30 minutes before we would, and he would pray.

[00:08:19] And then he got us up at five 30 to pray every single day. That’s how I learned how to sleepwalk is during prayer. He said that because who gets up at five 30, like Lord, the Lord ain’t even know. I told him that. I said the Lord ain’t even up at five 30 dad, he goes, where you are, you can connect with him, wake him up.

[00:08:34] You know what I’m saying? So he would say he didn’t care. He didn’t, there was no excuses in our house for when everybody prayed, everybody got up to pray and he prayed with us before he sent us off to school and he would go to work. And then we would, I’d try to get in bed again. And so they would all telling me, mom, Chris is in bed, so whatever. So the truth is that’s just what we were praying family and I realize how important prayer, but I understand sometimes prayer, people don’t know how to. and you may be at a place where you don’t necessarily know how to prayer. That’s a funny video. I want you to see you met so many, you’ve seen this before, but I want you to see this video about prayer.

[00:09:05] I remember going to church as an adult, right? For the first time when I started going to church and I would walk in and the pastor was like, he said, I want you to pray with your neighbor. And I’m like, my neighbor don’t go to this church. I don’t know if you mean

[00:09:19] you want me to call my neighbor on the phone? That’s creepy. I ain’t gonna do that. Then they explain to me, right? Your neighbor’s a person sitting next to you. Listen, I’m brand new at this Christian stuff. I don’t not, I didn’t even know you supposed to pray out loud, let alone with this lady. I don’t even know this lady.

[00:09:34] What I’m supposed to pray. Lord help these bumps go down on this lady face. I dunno. Pray about,

[00:09:46] I know I’m supposed to pray about right. She went first. She was praying all good. And she must have been John to Baptist, little sister or something. Great.

[00:09:58] She was like, dear heaven, father, you said your word in the sixth chapter, the third verse of the book of Matthew. The 601st word on page 1,248. Lord. You said, but seek S as in search, E as in everywhere, E as in excellent. K as in kingdom, you are the alpha Niecy, Jehovah, Gyra, Jehovah, Rapha. I’m thinking, man, she even know his nicknames.

[00:10:28] Now it’s my turn to pray. But I don’t got the spiritual vocabulary to just, but I’m not gonna let her out pray me.

[00:10:40] so I’m like, okay, God, first of all, you are good people. You are good Lord. You are a good. You were good to the last drop Lord. Cause Lord I just gotta obey my thirst Lord, cause choosing moms choose Jesus. So Lord, cause as the rec, as the rockets, red glare Lord, it gave proof to the night.

[00:10:58] Lord. I believe I could fly. Amen.

[00:11:07] Some people may not know how to pray. You may be here this morning and you don’t know how to pray. You’re just like, man, I don’t know what to do, but it’s not about as your relationship with the Lord grows, your prayer life grows should deepen. I didn’t know when I first met Vanessa, who’s my beautiful wife who I love.

[00:11:23] I, when we first met, I didn’t, I was say, I just remember I cringe now, some of the stuff I said, some of the liners, one lines liners that I had, but obviously it worked. And as I, as we get, yeah, it did. Yeah, it did. It worked. Y’all what y’all laughing, it worked. And so maybe she felt sorry for me, just Lord, I need to help this man.

[00:11:44] But anyway I, our relationship has grown now. Here’s what I mean by. Our relationship has grown to the fact that when now there are things that I don’t even have to say to her because I know she knows exactly. What I am gonna say she finishes my sentences or sometimes she’ll have she’ll have things prepared for me already because she knows who I am and therefore she knows exactly what’s going on in the house even more so than I do.

[00:12:09] And so therefore our relationship has grown. Therefore, when we go out to eat or whatever she goes, we don’t even have to say it. We just find it, just find. Going to barbecue. You know what I’m saying? Just because, or whatever it is. And so she, we just know our relationship. We don’t talk about the same things that we used to talk to.

[00:12:24] So what were you thinking today? And we don’t have to do that. We just, she be like, you. Good. I’m good. You good? I’m good. You know what I’m saying? There’s some of that goes on. And sometimes there’s deep relationship, but we don’t. Our conversation has changed as our relationship has grown.

[00:12:38] I wanna tell you that your relationship ha will grow as it grows in Christ. Your prayer life will grow with your relationship with the Lord. And so therefore, as you deepen it, your relationship with the. You will absolutely be able to pray in a way don’t give up. Don’t stop, continue to pray.

[00:12:53] That’s for some of you that may be new to prayer. Now, for those of you that have been praying for a long time, I’m I want you to be, to get back engaged in prayer. I want you to realize that and get back to the place of prayer to get back to the posture of prayer, the relationship that prayer has, as it, as you have a relationship with your father, Jesus prayed all the time, and this is what he said.

[00:13:15] You pray, not if you get around to it, if you think about it, if it comes to you, he says, when you pray, that sounds like you don’t have a choice. If Jesus had to pray. What about you? He prayed, but he often would slip away and to solitude, to pray, to connect with the father. And he was always connected to the father because the Bible says that he only did what he saw the father doing.

[00:13:37] And he only said what he heard the father saying, but he would still slip away and to pray to the Lord. What do you. What do you want to do? How is it that you want, what is it that you wanted to connect? Connection was so important. So that’s what we’re talking about. Connecting to the father. Prayer connects us to God and it also connects us to each other.

[00:13:53] Those are the only two points that I have this morning. And so prayer is important. So for those of you that have been praying, this is the key. How do you hit the mark of prayer? How do you get your prayers? everybody. If you knew that your that’s what I asked you earlier, if you knew that God would answer your prayer every single time you prayed, would you do it more often?

[00:14:16] Yeah. You would like every time I pray, how do I get, what is the mark? How do you hit the mark of prayer? That’s the point? Because Jesus is disciples. They didn’t ask about the signs and wonders. They just asked. They said, how teach us to pray. That’s what they. They could add, they’ve seen him do the miracles.

[00:14:35] They’ve seen him do signs and wonders. They saw the wisdom that he had. They saw them, dumbfound all of the Pharisees and sades and all the public figures of his day, they saw that they didn’t wanna necessarily know. They knew that the reason why he was able to do it because they saw him do something consistently.

[00:14:53] And that was that he slipped off to pray because it was powerful. And I wanna tell you this morning, That your prayers are powerful. Look at James chapter five, verse 13. It’s gonna be on the screen guys, have it this time. And here’s what it says. Is anyone among you suffering? Let him do what pray you wanna use suffering.

[00:15:14] Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing. Psalms anyone among you. Sick. Let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him. Anointing him with oil and the. Of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.

[00:15:33] Confess your trespass one to another and pray for one another that you may be healed. Here’s it. That praying for connecting to God, then praying for another one. Another that you may be healed. Then he says the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man of BES much. Look at that. The effective that’s what we wanna be in prayer effective.

[00:15:52] How do I be effective in. Fervent that word fervent means to wax hot. How do you pray hot prayers toward the Lord to get him answered righteous man. I’m gonna tell you right now. Look up here just for a second. All of you who are in Christ are righteous because of what Jesus has done at the cross.

[00:16:07] That’s how you like, cause you’re talking to me cuz I know I’m not righteous. Yes you are. You are righteous in Christ. Jesus. You are the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus simply because Jesus went to the cross and substitute of us who should have died and who had lost in our sins and transgressions, but he died for us.

[00:16:23] And now we stand as the righteousness of God through Christ. So he’s talking to you, those of you that are in Christ, the righteous of a righteous man avails much, that means there’s much power. And some of your versions say much power avails, much accomplishes, much. Some of your versions says that’s.

[00:16:38] And then he says, Elijah, a man with a nature like ours, just like us. He’s just trying to compare it to NA nature, just like us. And he prayed earnesty that it would not rain. And it did not rain on the land for three years and six. And he prayed again. And the heaven gave reign and the earth produced its fruit.

[00:16:55] Here’s what he’s saying. The fervent prayers of a righteous man, a righteous person, avails mud. So that’s what he’s saying. If it’s powerful, when you pray, how do you hit the mark? How do you hit the mark of prayer? How do you, when you release your prayer that you hit the mark, how do I get God? You connect with God, but his prayer, his will be done.

[00:17:14] The perfect prayer that you could pray is Lord, not my will, but your will be. on earth in. By the way, this is earth. This right here is earth. So by the way, when we say, Lord, let your will be done on earth in earth. We’re talking about this earth right here. Let will be done in my life. Let will be done in my mind.

[00:17:32] Let will be done in my marriage. Let will be done with my kids. Let will be done. And my job in my finances that your will be done, not my will, but your will be done on earth in this earth. Lord change and transform this earth. So that I can accomplish your will and your in, in, in this time, how do you, when you release prayer, how do you hit the mark when you release it?

[00:17:53] How do you get the bullseye? The bullseye of prayers to is for God to do his will. Amen. That’s what it means. I quick video this weekend. We just, this couple days ago took our staff. So a team building, meaning probably shouldn’t have thought of this as a team build building. But we went ax throwing and so that’s probably not the best team building that you can do, but there’s one on our team who did pretty good.

[00:18:16] I want you to see how

[00:18:24] whoa. Nice. Now I was thinking to myself when she did that, I was like, honey, what were you thinking about when you when you released that ax? You know what I’m saying? To hit the bulls eye. And then I was like, don’t throw the act. You know what I’m saying? Just, whatever. But she released it and hit the bullseye.

[00:18:38] Here’s what I’m asking you. When you release your prayer, how do you know that you’re gonna hit the bullseye of what it is that you’re asking? Because the Bible says this, I want you to hear this. This is the confidence that we have in him, in Jesus and God and our father and the triune. God is, this is a confidence that we have that if we pray according to his, will he hears us?

[00:19:02] now think about that for a second. When we, the confidence is not in my ability. As Meredith said, it’s not in our deal. Pull up. And when you were saying that this morning, he was like, sometimes somebody that’s a John Wayne statement, pull up, pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Some people don’t even know what a bootstrap is.

[00:19:17] You know what I’m saying? I can’t pull myself up by it. If I don’t even know what it is. And that’s the deal, we try to do it on our own. Then you can’t do it. Prayer connects us to the one who is able to do it. The reason why is because he says that my strength is made perfect in your weakness. When you are able to, when you are able to give up and surrender, you were all in my message this morning.

[00:19:38] Meredith, when you able to surrender and surrender, all God says, now I can take over and do the things that you’re not able to do. Now, my spirit, who is the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, is able to take over and do the things that you don’t think that you can do, that you haven’t been able to do things that you’ve been doing on your trying to do on your.

[00:19:57] Trying to press on your own, trying to get it done on your own. God says I’m able to do it because I’m able to do all exceedingly abundantly above all that you could ask or think according to the power of God, that’s on the inside. And I, my power is made perfect. My strength is made perfect. My joy is made perfect.

[00:20:13] My presence. It’s all of the things that are available to you that comes from me because every good gift and every perfect gift comes from the father of life and who there’s no variation, no shadow of turning because I am the Lord, God, and I am able to do what you are not able to do and stand in the place and carry you in places that you have not been able to.

[00:20:32] That’s the God that we serve. That’s the God who answers prayer. He’s ready to answer it too. I just say he’s ready. He’s ready to answer it, but how do you hit the mark? How do you release it? Hit the mark. I’m gonna tell you what it is. It’s praying the word of God. Yeah. It’s praying his word over, over your life.

[00:20:50] Yeah. It’s not what I want. It’s what his, what he wants. When I pray, according to my way and what I think it should be done. Now, how many of you, you know what I’m talking about, you pray for stuff and you were praying and then you would try to help God out with the prayer. Anybody know what I’m talking about?

[00:21:04] I try to help him out. God, if you would just drop this in my lap, Lord and I get religious with it too. I start singing. Lord. If you would just cause Vanessa to see me in such a way, let her see the stud muffin that I am. And not just a muffin top that I have been, Lord, I pray that you would help.

[00:21:23] And so I be praying and God’s that’s not what I’m, that’s not it at all because we’re all trying to get God to answer prayers. And we want him to answer the prayers in the way that we want him to answer. And God’s I am not interested in just answering the prayer, but I am interested in working in you while I’m answering the.

[00:21:41] There’s something that he wants to do in your life. There’s something that, as a perspective that he wants you to get, I’ve been praying for things at times. And I’ve gotten an answer from the Lord and it’s not at all what I thought it was going to be anybody else come, can I get a witness? Anybody else know what I’m talking about?

[00:21:54] He’s answered it. But he went about his way of doing it. And I didn’t pray. I wasn’t praying that at all. I was praying that that you would help them to rep. But I didn’t know that God was wanting me to walk with that person to help them to get to that place or to serve them at a place.

[00:22:11] I remember one time I was praying, I was praying that God would change a person’s heart. And I was mad at ’em. I was like, Lord, if you would just have them to repent Lord, and you know’s how you pray with your teeth, anybody know what I’m talking about? you’d done laughing loud. Know what I’m talking about?

[00:22:24] Y’all pray with your teeth. Like Lord, if you would just puff them with your presence, Lord, let ’em strike them. And Jesus, you know what I’m saying? You pray. And so I was praying God that you would cause this person to repent and you would cause this person to change and you would help them to change.

[00:22:37] Lord, change their heart. Oh God. Banged them over knew, changed her heart. Oh good. That’d be like my mama. And she would be on the phone. Mama would be on the phone sometimes and we would be acting up. We would be acting up and she’d be like, oh yeah, girl. I know it. And God is good. God is so good. And he is blessing and he is love endures forever. Let me pray with. Let me pray what she would church. We were looking at us. We’d be like, you know what I’m saying? So that’s how I would pray. Sometimes I’d be like, Lord, get ’em and Lord be like, I want you to go over and bless them. I’d be like, I bind that in the name of Jesus saying, you get the behind me and it would be good.

[00:23:17] And that’s what he wanted me to do. So he would answer the prayer by having me do something out of the ordinary. I’m telling you, God has a way of getting a hold of your heart to accomplish his will. So the way that you’re praying may be different than the way God is wanting to answer your. That’s why it’s important for you to understand that God is wanting you to align whatever your will is.

[00:23:41] Say, Lord, not my will, but your will be done whatever you want, but Lord, it’s gotta be the, Nope this pray, this my will be done.

[00:23:54] Some of you guys don’t know this, but Vanessa and I are in school. We are in right now , this is the second part of our systematic theology that we’re taking right now, Southeastern university trying to get a master’s degree and I have a professor and I, he knows that I’m. I’m gonna be talking about him, cuz he’s gonna come back and watch he’s maybe watching the service right now.

[00:24:11] But he, I have a professor whose name is Dr. TT. He’s over right now, our systematic theology two class. And and we have a paper that’s due on Tuesday, supposed to be a big paper and Vanessa and I are like in the throes of it. And I submitted by outline of how, what I was going to write. What I thought would be a good grade because I want an.

[00:24:30] I want a, I want the best grade that I can get. We worked hard for this we’re down. This is, this week will be the last part of the class before we go into a preaching class. And so I am I’m like, this is the down to the wire and I wanted to write a paper on what I thought would be a good grade.

[00:24:45] And I submitted the outline of what I thought and he sent me an email. I’m a, I’m gonna put the email up on, on the board. This is the email that he said this from doc, Zach, Dr. Zachary attack. He said, Chris, what sources are you citing that indicates that the pitfall of the church is understanding doctoral truths?

[00:25:02] Cause that’s what I’m supposed to be writing on. He goes, disunity of the church as if this is new. This has been the case from a very beginning read acts. You’ll see it there. Chris, you are working off statements that do not speak to the assignment. We’re not looking for an apology of faith.

[00:25:17] We’re looking for an analysis of issues. If you push forward toward an apology, it’ll probably not end with a quality paper.

[00:25:28] others have tried that. Seldom does that an approach result in addressing the expectations of the essay? You have not identified sources for each of the areas. Now, I thought there was gonna be a good paper writing about the pitfalls of doctrinal truth, but my professor says, if you write that paper, if you go through with writing that paper, you are not going to get a good.

[00:25:55] I’m like, but it’s what I think I should write about. He goes, and he’s saying, go ahead. If you want to you feeling lucky punk, , you want to write that paper? You go right ahead. You’re gonna get a flag, just flying in the wind. You gonna get a F now you’re laughing. Here’s the reason why I made that point.

[00:26:13] Because some of you are praying, believing that this is what I should pray for. This is how I should pray. And if I pray this way, God’s gonna answer the prayer. And God’s that’s not at all what I’m telling you to do. I want you to pray according to my will. I want you to pray, according to my way, I want you to pray according to the scriptures, but Lord, this will be good to pray this way.

[00:26:32] He goes, don’t pray that way. I’m telling you to pray this way but I’m, but Lord, this is good. I he’s and you’re going back and forth. The Lord says, if you pray, according to my word, I will hear you. And you’re going this way. And God’s no, this is the way I want you to pray. Focus your attention on this and pray the word of God.

[00:26:48] Because if you pray the word of God, you will praying the will of God. You pray the will of. And that’s why I love when pastor Terry read these cuz this is what I pray. I pray this over myself. I pray this over my family. I pray this over my kids. I pray this over my pastoral staff. I pray it over my staff.

[00:27:08] I pray it over. You. on a daily basis. This is what I pray, Lord. I pray that the Lord, God, Jesus, that the father of glory, Lord, I wanna thank you that you’re my father. I thank you, Lord. That you’re a good father, that you’re a father to the fatherless. I thank you, Lord that you’ve not given me the spirit of fear again to bondage, but you’ve given me the spirit of adoption by which I cry out.

[00:27:30] Abba father. I thank you, Lord that you’re not just a good father, but your word says that every good gift and every perfect gift flows. Father of likes of whom there’s no shadow of turning. I thank you, Lord. That you’re a father that knows exactly what I need, how I need it when I need it, where I need it.

[00:27:47] You are such a good father. And I thank you, Lord. That you’re a father. That’s not just a good father in the song, but you’re a good father to me. You’re a good father to Vanessa. You’re a good. Father to my kids. Lord, I’ve not been a good father, but I thank you, Lord, that you’re a good father to them.

[00:28:02] And I pray Lord that they would have an encounter with you that will change them and that they would know that you are their father. So I thank you Lord for that. I thank you, Lord, that you would give me the spirit of wisdom. Oh Lord. I need your wisdom, Lord. Your word says that wisdom C. From the streets and I, Lord, I need your wisdom today.

[00:28:23] I need your wisdom in my life. I need your wisdom in my family. I need your wisdom and my staff. I need your wisdom with my pastoral staff. I need my congregation to have wisdom. There’s some things they need wisdom and bond. I pray that you would give it to ’em cuz you said, if we asked for wisdom and you would give it to ’em and you wouldn’t hold back, I pray Lord that you would give them the spirit of wisdom.

[00:28:42] Oh wait. Not only that, but of under and saw also revelation. I pray that you would open their. So that they would see you in a way that they’ve never seen you before. I thank you, Lord, that you would give, not just me, the spirit of wisdom and revelation. Not only would you open my eyes so that I can see you open my heart so that I can experience you open my mind so that I can experience you, but I pray that you would open Vanessa’s eyes for her to see be for who I am.

[00:29:07] Lord and I pray. Not only that, that you would give her the spirit of wisdom, but revelation for the things that she has today. I pray that over, not over her, just over her, but I prayed over my kids. I pray Lord that Ainsley would have the spirit of wisdom and revelation. I pray that CJ would have the spirit of wisdom and revelation.

[00:29:23] I pray that Luke would have the spirit of wisdom and revelation. I pray for Braden that she would have the spirit of wisdom and revelation. Not only that, but I pray that over all my pastors Lord, that they would have it. Staff, they would have the wisdom open their eyes so that they can see you. I pray that for my congregation, Lord, pray that for all the people that are in soldier, in church, I pray that they would have a spirit of wisdom and revelation.

[00:29:45] And here’s what, and the revelation and the knowledge of you. I pray that they would see you for who you are, open their eyes, God, open their hearts, Lord, open it so they can see you for, and this is what I do. I go down the list of these prayers and I pray that on a regular basis for myself, pray for my family.

[00:30:01] And I prayed over. Just like that. Sometimes it takes hours to get through these prayers because here’s what I want, that he would grant you according to the riches of his glory to be strengthened with my, through his spirit and the inner man. Would I pray that over and I just, and I’ll go through that Lord.

[00:30:19] They need might not just their might the power of their might, cuz it’s not by spirit, not by power, not by might, but by your spirit says the Lord. And I pray that over and over and over and every day I’m praying it over. You praying it over, you guys praying it over my family and sometimes it doesn’t look like wisdom and revelation is falling on my kids.

[00:30:38] Cause I’m just like something else that’s falling. But I prayed over and over. How many of you been praying and all of a sudden the prayer that you prayed make, and you seem like it’s getting worse. Anybody know what I’m talking about? I’m praying. I’m like. It don’t look like it’s getting any better. It look like it’s getting worse.

[00:30:54] And this, during those times where I pray even more earnestly, because I believe that God is going to answer what he said in his word. You know why? Because he’s a God that cannot lie. He’s a God who honors his word. He’s a God who watches over his word to perform it. He’s a God that accomplishes everything that he says his word is going to accomplish.

[00:31:14] He put it in his word and if his will is his word and I pray what he. I believe that he’s gonna answer. The prayers, according to what he has said. Amen. And so that’s what I do. I pray that. And some of you right now in this place, you’re wondering, I’ve stopped praying. I have not been praying all the things that I’ve been praying.

[00:31:36] They don’t seem like they’re coming to pass the things that I’ve been standing on. It seems like it’s crumbling, UN underneath my feet, the things that I’ve been trusting God for I’ve given up. For, and Vanessa reminded me on the front row just a little bit ago. She goes, you need to say something about the people who surrendered to God and those prayers to God and you go, God, I give this to you.

[00:31:55] I surrender this to you. I handed to you right now. It’s yours. It’s right there. At your feet. I surrender right there at your feet. I surrender it. You’re not gonna do anything with it. I just gave it to you and I surrendered. And you don’t look like you’re doing anything about it, Lord. And so you pick it up and try to bring it upon yourself again, because he’s not answering it in the time that you want, how you want or the thing in which you think it should be.

[00:32:26] And God has says, this is his answer to you. I am the Lord. I am your God. And I am the one who answers prayer, but I do it in my time because I am now outside of time. I’m not even in. and I will do what I say I will do through the word so you can leave it at my feet and pray and partner with heaven to see his will accomplish and partner with me through prayer, posture of prayer, the power of prayer.

[00:33:07] I’m gonna say this to you. This is the last thing I’m gonna.

[00:33:11] I know that everybody in here, including you watching online and not pointing a finger, you, but I’m just saying is I know everybody in here because I’m one of them. It’s trusting God to do something. You need God to do something. Some of you need a miracle in your life. You need God to do something. And some of it is not just about you.

[00:33:35] It’s about some people that you. and God, why hasn’t it changed? Some of you are disappointed in God. Some of you’re disappointed in God. Some of you are just like, God, I’m not gonna pray about that anymore. Because every time I pray about it, it gets worse or doesn’t seem like it’s getting answered at all.

[00:33:52] And I prayed about this message and here’s what I believe God is saying. The Lord says, if you return back to the place of prayer and the power that comes from me to strengthen you through. I’m gonna accomplish what I want to do in you and in the prayer. When you pray, according to the will of God, my will, my ways, because he says this, my thoughts are not.

[00:34:19] Your thoughts says to Lord, my ways are not your ways, but I am the Lord and he’s gonna get the glory out of your life. He’s going to get the glory out of this situ. I remember coming to the hospital and praying with you. Saola I remember what we talked about. He was just like, is this what you said?

[00:34:42] And this is for somebody else in here. I remember you were tears coming down your face. You said, I know the Lord is gonna raise me up. You go, I know the Lord is going to, is gonna cause me to walk again. He goes, when I walk back in that church, you’re gonna know that the Lord did. and you’ve been coming to this church and every time I look over there, you got your hands raised because there’s a re when God answers with your prayer, your praise is different.

[00:35:05] Your worship different you did is different, and nobody’s gone through what you’ve gone through. Philip, you know what I’m talking about when God comes and answer through and answer your prayer, all you guys that I, some of you, I prayed with some of you I prayed with. And when he answers a prayer, every time I put my shirt on in the morning, and I look at the scars where I should be dead.

[00:35:23] God saved my life. You worship difference. I be like, do you know the Lord? Like I know him differently than you because he did something different in my life than he did than he’s done for you. And so I worship different. You can come in here on Sunday morning and give him a half-hearted praise, but I can’t afford to give him a half-hearted praise because he’s done something in my life that he hasn’t done in your life.

[00:35:41] He’s done something for me that he’s never, that he hadn’t done. And I’m telling you what I would be dead right now. That bullet would’ve took me out. If it had not. For the, I was thinking about it the other day, sometimes because my book is coming out I got a book that’s coming out. It’ll be released in October, called a shot in the dark.

[00:35:59] And I re I was reading through it and it came to the part where the only voice that I could hear praying for me. And there was all the pastors ever around the truck praying, but I could hear pastor Terry’s praying for me and his voice never wavered. He was just like, Lord, you take the pain away. Lord, would you help?

[00:36:17] And I’m telling you what, that’s all I could hear during that time. I was listen, I was blood running outta my side and down my clothes and into my boots. I remember blood just flowing out and just me thinking I’m gonna die. I’m not gonna make it. I’m not gonna make it. This bullet has gone through me and I know that I’m going, I ain’t gonna make it, but I heard him praying for me.

[00:36:42] And I remember the hope that flooded my. So you have no idea that when you pray that God is doing something that hope is flooding your soul and can help you through in the midst of whatever it is that’s going. So I remember that, and I’m still here as a result of people praying. I’m still here as a result as people I could be dead.

[00:37:01] So here’s what I wanna say to you. Some of you, the scripture says this, I would’ve fainted. I would’ve lost heart. I could have been taken out. This is S. if I had not seen the goodness of the Lord and the land of the living, anybody in here ever experienced the goodness of the Lord. He’s good, no matter how bad this situation is, he’s good.

[00:37:25] No matter how bad or evil things are in this world, he is good. I prayed for some of your kids. I’ve been, I prayed for your kids. I pray for the students of this church. I prayed some of my friends that are, have gone through certain things that I love. And I prayed for them because I believe in the power of prayer, I believe it.

[00:37:43] And God is wanting you to give back to the place of prayer, wherever you stop that you’ve given up on wherever you just like, God, I’m tired. And you do get tired of when you get weary sometimes and praying, but I’m telling you what God is saying to you today. Don’t be weary and well doing because you’re gonna reap whatever it is God is going to come through because he is a God of the breakthrough.

[00:38:04] If you’ll not give up. And if you’ll not. And continue to pray. Amen. I’ve been guilty. Not only do I pray this over guys, it’s the last cause we’re gonna pray here in a minute. Not only do I pray this over myself, not only do I pray this over my wife and my kids, not only do I pray this over my pastors and my pastoral staff and our leadership and my friends, I pray this.

[00:38:28] I pray these prayers over my government over our go. You don’t think president Biden needs wisdom and revelation. You don’t think president Biden needs to be strengthened through the might and through his inner man. Amen. You don’t think he needs to be, do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.

[00:38:47] You don’t think he needs that one. You don’t think that Lord, and then all this one, yours is a kingdom is not hiss. It’s yours is a kingdom. You don’t think he needs that you don’t think Kamala Harris, you don’t think she need that. You may know what is the hope of your calling and the riches of his glory and inheritance of the saints and what is the great and exceeding this exceeding your power that is toward us, who believe you don’t think our government needs to hear.

[00:39:10] You don’t think I need to pray this over Abbott and need to pray this over. Texas need to pray this over our city. That Lord, this is one here, running it back where it says this pray, this one, Lord, I pray this over. President Biden, that his, that your love toward him may abound more and more, and that he would grow and knowledge and discernment Lord that you would.

[00:39:28] I’m tell you. I pray these prayers. I stop praying. But Lord says, pray. These prayers that you may have been sincere and that you would be without offense to the day of Jesus Christ. I pray that over my over. I pray this over by president. I pray this over our city. I pray this over the city of Carrollton, the city and our, and over Texas, because if my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray, then he and return and turn from their wicked ways.

[00:39:58] And I’ll hear from heaven. I will forgive their sins and I’ll heal their land. Our land needs to be. Amen. Amen. And that’s why we pray.


Chris McRae

Lead Pastor, Elder
In his high school years, Chris was set free from anger and depression after an encounter with the Holy Spirit, and a passion was stirred in him to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to the broken and the lost. Chris is passionate about people- leading people to encounter the love of the Father, the truth of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. A second generation Pastor, Chris has a heart for equipping the body of Christ.
Chris is a graduate of Christ for the Nations and The King’s University. Chris first joined staff at Sojourn Church in Carrollton, Texas in 1996, and has served as Pastor of Children’s Ministry, Youth and Families. In January 2020, Chris began serving as Lead Pastor. Chris and Vanessa have been married since 1998 and have four children.
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