God is Our One True Leader

Oct 3, 2021 | Father God, Harvest Month, Robison, James, Spiritual Growth

Special Guest Speaker James Robison kicked off Harvest month with bang as he brought the word of God to the congregation of Sojourn Church. 

For those who are serious followers of Christ, we understand that in order to gain life, we have to initially loose it. For Christ’s sake, for the kingdom of God, we sacrifice our lives to fulfill God’s plans and dreams. Our goal, by the way we construct our lives, is to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. 

James Robison shared his heart and his powerful testimony to encourage others to lift themselves up to the Lord as pieces of clay, willing to be molded and shaped by the heavenly Father. No matter how big or small, no matter how hard or soft, God wants those pieces of clay to make something extraordinary for His kingdom purpose. May we offer ourselves as living sacrifices to the Lord, ready and willing to be vessels of kindness and hope to a lost and dying world.