Does God Have Your Attention?

Nov 7, 2021 | Bishop Dale Bronner, Father God, Spiritual Growth

9:30 AM Message

In this week’s Sunday Morning Message with Sojourn Church, Guest Speaker Bishop Dale Bronner delivers a beautiful sermon about God in your life and giving thanks to the Lord. Does God Have Your Attention? Are you giving not only your time, but attention to the Lord?

God is will do anything he can to get your attention, so that he can show you your potential. Listen and ask God to reveal what his divine intention is so that these glorious things can be retained. Generations after yourself need to know the list of things that God did in your life. They need to be preserved and kept to encourage the generations after generations!


11:00 AM Message

This week, in the second service Guest Speaker Bishop Dale Bronner delivers another truthful and packed message to the congregation of Sojourn Church. He parallels our journey with the Lord to the well known Old Testament story of Abraham.

Catch the vision, catch the idea, catch what God is showing you. Run with expectant arms and hearts in order to catch the vision of what the Lord is passing along into your hands.

Carry the vision from the Lord and allow it to digest in your soul. Ask the Lord for patience to continue carrying this vision, even through the struggle, until He says that it is time to convey.

Convey what the Lord has shown you to others. Be faithful and the Lord will make you fruitful! Ask the Lord for wisdom in how to properly convey his vision!