Sep 18, 2022 | McRae, Chris, Sermons

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One of the things that I wanna say is, and I want you to hear this, uh, when COVID happened, it really disrupted a lot of things. Uh, it disrupted the country, it disrupted the church and it disrupted our culture and it disrupted our family. Would you say that, uh, it was, I’m telling you whether you, whether you believe it was, um, you know, whether they, I don’t know, it was a, a monkey or a bat or whatever it is that they had talking about now.

[00:00:28] I don’t know what they coming up with now. Monkey bats and all kind of stuff. Uh, and rats, whatever it is they coming up with. Whether you believe it was a pandemic or a pandemic, whether you believe any of those things. Here’s I wanna say the devil did everything he could to stop the church from going on.

[00:00:44] There are churches that are still shut down today. There are churches that are still have their doors that still have their doors closed because of this disruption. And we were, we were closed for about three or four weeks because I, I I’ll be honest with you. I fell into it. I didn’t know what to do, but, but I was like, this is ridiculous.

[00:01:01] We’re gonna get back to. Uh, we’re gonna get back to church. And somebody asked me a couple of weeks ago, they said, pastor Chris, what’s gonna happen again. If they try to shut the church down, I go, we ain’t shutting down. They gonna have to come and get me off the stage. And I, I, I, they gonna have to arrest me.

[00:01:19] I’m not shutting down, you know? I mean, they’re gonna be like, they’re gonna be like, we have the right to remain silent. You have the remain right to remain. You have an attorney, his name is Jesus. You know what I’m saying? I’ll tell you who my attorney is. You tell you who I ain’t shutting down because I’m not gonna fall into that.

[00:01:33] Into that, into the world’s systems and plans. We are not going to do that. We’re gonna stand having done all the stand. That’s what God has called us to do, but it disrupted us. And it, I, I couldn’t tell. I missed you guys when we, I can’t tell you how hard it was to sit up here on Easter Sunday. And my wife, my beautiful wife’s here.

[00:01:51] And pastor Terry and Susan here, and maybe a couple other pastor Kevin and Meredith came, it was hard sitting up here going, Jesus came out of that grave, grave, grave. Great. Nobody was in the sea. That was just me preaching, echoing, just I, nobody just echoing out. You know what I’m saying? I was amen and myself, cuz it bounced off the wall and came back to me.

[00:02:11] just made me mad. So I’m just like, forget this. We’re getting back together, but it caused. It caused disruption. And what I didn’t like about it was the fact that we were called, we are called to be together. The Bible says to not to forsake the sibling together of the brethren, and that is not a suggestion.

[00:02:29] It’s a command that we’re to come together and who is whatever government that would try to tell us that we can’t join together and be together. That being said, it disrupted everything and it caused us to be comfortable with being at home. And I know it was nice to be able to put your, your little bear slippers on and get a cup of coffee and a bagel and sit there and watch.

[00:02:52] But people had gotten comfortable with that. And so God is saying that it’s time for the church, not just to arise, but in order for us to arise, we gotta come together first. Yeah, you can’t arise just individually, but I’m talking about corporately. We have to come together in a, in order to be able to do that.

[00:03:12] And so Satan did everything he can to keep us apart and, and all throughout some of the other churches there were saying like, we can’t come together. We don’t know it’s science. You only believe in science. I’m saying all these different things that was going on. And my thing was, is like, who in, who invented and created science in the first place.

[00:03:30] Seemed like we ought to appeal to him first, before we try to figure out and let the science, you know, you only believe in science gym guys, try to figure it out. Some of y’all catch that. Some of y’all don’t know if you’re not seeing nacho Libre, you know what I’m saying? So the truth is that God has called us together.

[00:03:44] Now here’s what, what is going on now? This is some family businesses that this morning, and some of it is gonna be preaching of the word. Now, our church has grown through the pan, the pandemic. Uh, there are a lot of new faces here. Uh, our church has grown spiritually, but we’ve also grown numerically and we are continuing to grow.

[00:04:01] God is bringing us new people. Sunday. And I’m excited about that. Those of you that are joining us online, our online crowd is growing our own. Our, our here family is growing and I love it. I love seeing new people, but here’s the thing as much as I love you. And as much as I care for this Bible, I love this church.

[00:04:19] I love the people that are in this church. And I don’t know if you can tell or not, but I, I’m not just saying words. I mean that I. I love being here. I enjoy being the pastor of soldier and church. I love seeing your faces. I love seeing you smiling. I love seeing your kids. I love seeing your family. I enjoy being the pastor of this church.

[00:04:38] Now, as much as I love to do that, I cannot physically get with every person here. As much as I would love to. I, I just can’t. Um, I, my wife was always telling me, she goes, honey, you, you can’t get with every single person in the church, but I was like, but maybe there’s a chance, you know what I’m saying? So I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way that I can’t, she’s like, no, you can’t.

[00:05:01] That is why you have pastors to help you with that. So that being said, some of you are new and you don’t necessarily know who all our pastors are, what they. So I’m going, I wanted to take a Sunday where we can, where you can meet our pastor. So I would like for you to give them a hand as they come up here to the front this morning, come on guys, guys, guys, and gals, come on up here.

[00:05:22] We got a microphone. This is my pastoral family. The only pastoral fam guy that’s missing. Is pastor Terry he’s over here, next door doing next steps, our next steps, class, him and Susan, which they do a great job. That’s our discipleship track. And they’re gonna share in just a minute, but let tell you what pastor Terry.

[00:05:41] For the, you don’t know, I was telling somebody who was new this morning. Now, pastor Terry is the founding pastor of the church. This church started in his living room over 36, 37 years ago. And because it was found, he, he just had a heart to, um, to just love people, pray for people care for people. Uh, it came out of the oil business.

[00:06:00] Uh, it went to putz, you know, and went, but he set out to be a million. And so he was, he was all about business and chasing money. And God got a hold of his heart in 1982 and changed his life. He had a terrible temper temper. For those of you that know him, you looking like, you know, like the guy on home improvement, you know, you don’t know cuz he doesn’t, cuz he’s such a loving guy.

[00:06:20] You would never think that he had a, uh, a temper, but God delivered him of anger problems and, and he had a back injury that he and God healed him and show gave him a revelation of love of the. Just said I’m coming outta business and not only coming outta business, but just that’s how sojourn church church started was in his living room.

[00:06:37] And so we were on sojourn drives. So we wanna know how a church got started. Sojourn drive is where the church started and that’s how we got our name sojourn church. So let just tell you that that’s the reason why it doesn’t mean you come for a little bit and then you go on. That’s not where they, that’s not what it is.

[00:06:52] So, so y’all be thinking like I’m just gonna sojourn there for a minute and get a snack and, uh, diet Dr. Pepper and some chips. And I’m gonna go on. That’s just the name of the, the street that it was on. When you are planted at a place, you stay there until God uproots you. Can I get a witness? You can’t do.

[00:07:09] You’re not supposed to be doing whatever you wanna do. This is not, I like this church because it has that. And I love it because, oh, and they have this. Have you seen this? Oh, it’s so good. Uh, but I don’t like that. I don’t like that about it. So we’re gonna go check somebody here, check another church.

[00:07:22] Listen, you need to be hearing God and what God is saying, where you’re supposed to be and not, not being flaky and trying to figure I, yes, I’m saying some stuff this morning. just step on some toes this morning, but you go where God’s planted you and you be where God’s called you to be because when the stuff happens and whatever’s happening and whatever’s coming, you’re gonna need to be at a place that’s going to care for you and make sure that you are grounded on the rock.

[00:07:45] That’s right. Which is. And don’t be settling for the beachfront property because it looks good. And you on the beach front, because I heard him say that the dude that built his house on the sand with the beachfront property, his house ain’t standing there no more, but the one that’s built this house on the rock, that’s the one when the winds came and the, and the, and the, and the storm and the waves and all the other stuff and the monkeypox and all the other stuff just come in, they were able to stand.

[00:08:11] You can tell that I’m upset about the whole monkeypox. So, anyway, so I’m just saying. Build your house on the rock, be at a place where you’re supposed to be planted and that’s how soldier came to be about. And so he’s my spiritual father. He is Vanessa and I have been here since I was here since I was 19 years old.

[00:08:25] As the janitor started here as the janitor of the church, 25 years later, they gave the pastor who’s my FA spiritual father handed the church over to me. And that’s why we are here today. So I am. Thank you. I am the senior pastor of the. And let me introduce you to, she’s not gonna come up here to my hot, amazing wife, Vanessa.

[00:08:49] I want you to stand Vanessa so everybody can see, this is my wife, who I am. Well, please. My queen, my woman, my girl, Lord, her mercy. Anyway, so she is my wife. And so we’ve been doing this together. We dated got married, had kids our career right here in this. We were dating. We, you know, we were dating, we were coming into the church and, and, um, I didn’t wanna come here.

[00:09:14] I wanted to go to TD Jake’s church. Uh, I did, I was like, wait, I ain’t going to that uppity church. I wanna go to TD Jake’s church. I was like, you can go where you want to, I’m going to TD Jake’s church. The next Sunday I was here. And then, um, you know what I’m saying? Cause I would like to say I was chasing after the Lord, but I was chasing after her.

[00:09:31] And so how many, you know, you need her anyway, anyway, I’m not gonna go. That’s another sermon anyway. So that’s how we got here. And that’s our story and I’m sticking to it. Pastor Kevin, I wanna hear the rest of the story well, in regard, first of all, I wanna introduce my beautiful bride Meredith over here.

[00:09:47] Would you stand up and say, hello? She’s amazing. She is such a gift. So thankful for her and it is, uh, our joy to serve. I just, I just love, love, love the people of God, love all people. And I just love serving, you know, I believe God created us to serve and I love being a part of this team. You know, when I.

[00:10:06] Uh, football in high school. And one year in college, my favorite part was not always being on the field. I enjoyed that part, but I love the locker room. I love the comradery, the team, you know that we’re not in this by ourselves, we’re in this together because we are better together. That’s not just some neat little catch phrase.

[00:10:23] It’s the truth. We’re better together. So I’m thankful for pastor Chris and Vanessa thankful for this team, just to, it’s an incredible team. I, I love being a part of this team and I love you. This is incredible family. Mm-hmm , uh, every single one of you are precious. Every single one of you are important and valuable in the kingdom of God and you’re here for a kingdom purpose.

[00:10:43] And so it, we are, I’m just thankful to be, uh, be on board of what God is doing. I serve, I oversee, uh, the ministries. Youth children’s I just brought pastoral oversight, uh, outreach and, uh, everything, but the men’s ministry, which pastor Meredith oversees. And then I just do whatever pastor Chris tells me to do.

[00:11:04] So, uh, and, and I love it. I’m just, I’m so thankful to be able to serve and be a part of this family.

[00:11:13] So my name’s Jennifer Sweet. And I’m the worship pastor here at, so. And if my sweet husband could stand up and just say, hello, this is Travis sweet unintended pun intended, very intended. Um, yeah, so I oversee the worship team here and also I get to lead all of you in worship on Sunday mornings. And can I tell you how much that has blessed me since we’ve been here?

[00:11:38] We came in February and you know, I wasn’t here on staff until last month. The worship is why we came it’s for people like Matt and like may that have held this team together that the spirit is so thick. And it, I hope, you know, throughout my leadership leadership that, you know, that will just increase and that’s our number one is to minister to the heart of the father.

[00:11:58] So you guys are just great and I’m so excited to be here with you all. Um, also, yes, so I pastor the team, they are an amazing group of musicians, amazing group, but also their hearts are so, so sweet and kind, and they just love Jesus. So I’m really excited to do that and to.

[00:12:19] So I’m pastor Meredith and my lovely wife is down there on the front row, this Terry,

[00:12:27] and, uh, together we’re in charge of the prayer ministry, which includes the, the wonderful people that you have pray for you down here. Uh, we’ve got healing, prayer, which is led by Linda Nicholas, and they meet on, on Saturdays each month. And, uh, and we’ve got the, uh, personal freedom ministry. For, uh, for people it’s kinda like free indeed.

[00:12:45] And it’s, it’s a really wonderful ministry and a bunch of you guys, I can see you out there too. Um, additionally, we do the hospitality part, which is the greeters and the ushers and, uh, the men’s ministry, which, which Kevin mentioned a little while ago, we meet once a month and, and it’s always about the food every time.

[00:13:01] It’s about the third. Uh, but the last thing is, uh, something that’s that I’m excited about. and that goes back to the connect thing that we’ve got here on the back deal and what PC is gonna be talking about later on and that’s, we are gonna have right out there in fellowship one, we’re gonna have, uh, a group of really, really cool people that you’re gonna all want to go meet and they’re gonna be running all sorts of home, home groups.

[00:13:26] Women’s groups, men’s groups, what we call equip groups, which are kind of like classes that you can go to. Uh, all of that stuff is firing up again this fall. And so we want to be able to get you out there and, and get you connected. Get you signed up and, uh, get you plugged in

[00:13:44] real quick running or just real quick before mics. My mics are on. Pastor mayor is over a ton of stuff. So he’s, you know, he said prayer, he’s also over the freedom ministry. He’s also, you know, he, he in the prayer ministry and all the different things, um, he does a great job and he’s got an award-winning smile.

[00:14:04] You ever seen? There’s not, not a that’s actually what drew me to him. Tell you a funny story about him. I got a book that’s coming out in two weeks. We’re gonna launch it here at the church called a shot in the dark. So we’ll talk about that later. But when I had got my shooting hunting accident, a bullet that went through me, started here and came out.

[00:14:23] And so I went to a place I just called reclaim health, not unclaimed health, reclaim health that he was working at. And I was on the table and all these guys were on this table trying to either dig the bullet outta me or take my heart outta my chest. I don’t know what it was. And I was. On the table. I was like, I was like, God, I’m about to beat everybody in here.

[00:14:42] and open the door bust, opened the door, Meredith walked in with that smile. And all of a sudden I was like, I was like, wow. And I was captivated by it. And the Lord spoke to me and said, you need that guy working at the church. So the rest was history. I was like, hi, I’m would you come under work at the church with me?

[00:14:57] I mean, every in the middle beating me up. Uh, so anyway, pastor marriage has done a done a great job. Uh, I just wanna say all of. Um, cuz pastor Vernon’s about to share, but it’s been something like that where I’m like, Lord assembled a team together and I’m thankful for, so don’t feel what he didn’t say.

[00:15:15] They’re you’re gonna wanna meet ’em don’t leave. Go check out the groups that we have. You need to be connected. We’re gonna talk about that here in just a minute. Go ahead, pastor Vernon. Yes, I am pastor Vernon. I oversee the youth and young adult ministries here, and I love working with all of your kiddos and parents.

[00:15:35] Y’all just amazed me last. When we had a packed house at our parent connect last week, and that just shows the kind of kingdom parents we have here at soul during church. Amen. So, anyway, anything with kids, your, your, your teenagers or any young adults? We have a meeting today after service putting another plugin.

[00:15:55] Uh, you can see me. Yeah, pastor Vernon’s unique. Uh, just because he is the life of the party, wherever he goes. I mean, there’s not plus, I mean, he just, he or anyway, I know pastor Vernon’s in the. He does a great job. Um, how many of you parents appreciate pastor Vernon for all the work that he guys, I appreciate you, you a great job.

[00:16:18] And so this is my squad. This is my pastoral squad. I love them. They’re my family. I love each and every one of them, you guys do a great job and I’m gonna introduce you to another, uh, part of our family who you don’t know. And, um, I wasn’t gonna say anything about this, but I’m going. This is Lisa Hendricks.

[00:16:34] And Lisa wants to come up here just for a second. Give Lisa a hand. Lisa is our Lisa is our director of operations. Anything that goes on here at the church, any operational detail that goes on here at the church, Lisa is in charge of let tell you where I got her. She didn’t want me to say, but I’m gonna say anyway, she ran Allen, uh, Lieutenant Colonel Allen west.

[00:16:57] Uh, she ran it so well, uh, and did a great job. I’m obviously no the outcome, but she, uh, is just very organized. And, and I saw the way that she was with her team. She ran a team and they all loved her. Is it wasn’t just do this, do this, do this. They loved doing things for her because of the way that she leads.

[00:17:15] And so out of the blue, one day I just text her and said, Hey, come work for me. And she was like, huh. And I said, you heard. And that started, uh, her coming to work here. And, uh, she does a great job of overseeing the church and our, and the staff. And so, um, Lisa, why don’t you go ahead and just share just a little bit, go ahead.

[00:17:34] Uh, when, uh, pastor Chris texted me, it made my baby jump and it, uh, I think took my husband and I off stand up. John that’s mine. Yeah. Um, it, it took him off guard and it took me off. So, uh, I, I shared earlier that, um, there are there’s times in life where you know that, you know, you’re where you’re supposed to be and you’re living the legacy the Lord has for you.

[00:18:01] And this is, this is, this is here. So it’s an honor to actually, uh, serve pastor Chris and this fantastic team, as well as Tim and Jeremiah and Jacob and the entire media team and boy and facilities and Connie, whoever sees our kids. So there’s so many people that you don’t see that are making everything happen here, not just on Sunday, but literally seven days a week.

[00:18:27] This place is open serving the body of Christ and the community to advance the kingdom. So it’s a beautiful season. We’re in. It’s good to, it’s good to have you, Lisa. I, um, I look at this team and I’m, I’m just amazed. I’m thankful for all of you. I, uh, I just I’m. We laugh together. We play together. We do, we are.

[00:18:45] We’re great. We pray a lot together. Um, and so God has assembled us together. So saying that I want you to get to know them now that you know what they do. If you have any complaints or problems, call pastor Kevin. If you have anything, you wanna know why it is cold in here. Call pastor Kevin. If you wanna know the reason they’re lighting or anything is ever going on call pastor Kevin, if you don’t like the preaching that goes on here.

[00:19:12] Call pastor Kevin. Uh, and, uh, he will make sure that you call me. So anyway, so, but anyway, give these guys a hand. They’re great. I love you guys so much. Thank y’all for being our team. Thank you. Thank you. Love me. Um, pastor. Well, last thing I’m gonna say about pastor Vernon. Pastor Vernon was, uh, the youth pastor over at Oak cliff Bible church with pastor Tony Evans.

[00:19:37] And, um, I mean his, his youth group was actually bigger than our church. He had 800 kids over. And he was getting ready to make the jump from there to over to gateway, the gateway was getting ready to hire him, but he hadn’t, he hadn’t met me yet. and so, um, when I, when he came, when I came in contact with him, he was about to make that leap.

[00:19:55] And I reached up and grabbed his ankles and pulled him down to reality, said, you come work here for us. And so we got him and I’m glad that he’s here. And that’s like that with all these guys, Patrick, Kevin, who is not only my, like I said, the executive pastor, but my best. Um, it’s great to be serving with these guys.

[00:20:10] And the reason why I wanted you to know that is because we’ve been talking about connecting. We have to be, we need to be connected together for what the journey, the journey that God has before us connectivity is a must. Um, one of the things that I learned from my father was when we would cut boards and different things together, he would say, son, when you’re cutting the board, he goes, you you’re, you’re cutting against the grain.

[00:20:36] And when you cut against the grain, it causes the saw to get stiff. It causes the saw to slow down when you go against the grain, but sometimes you gotta cut against the grain because that’s the only angle that you’re able to cut to make the board. And I thought about that this week as I was getting ready for this message.

[00:20:56] And that is this, we are a family of God who are going against the grain. We are going against the flow. We’re not going the same way that the world is going. We’re not going the same way. We’re not cut the same way. That the world is cut. We are not the same as the world. We are in this world, but we are not of this world.

[00:21:16] And God is saying, in order for us to get the kingdom of God, to be able to move in advance and not to fit with the culture, but to fit with the kingdom, we gotta go against the grain. We can’t go with the flow. We can’t go. Like everybody else is going. And that, that being said, we have to do. Together. We are better together than we are a part.

[00:21:40] God has called us to come together for such a time as this, you can’t be off on your own and doing your own thing right now, you have to be connected and a part of the body of Christ. And you think about all the things that are going on in this world and when, and what are things that are, that are in society that is going.

[00:21:59] What is the church going to do? I’m telling you what the other church, I know what the other church is gonna do, but Sojo is going to stand, having done all to stand with your lo good about with truth. And that is this Jesus Christ is the only way the truth and the life. There is no other gospel. There is no other way.

[00:22:19] There is no other other trail. You have to go through Jesus to get to the father. And he is the only. Any other gospel, any other message? Any other thing that you’re hearing on Facebook? My book, your book, his book, YouTube, my YouTube, whatever tube you try to find. If you are hearing anything else, other than that, it is a lie and it is not true.

[00:22:47] Hmm. Here’s what I wanna go on and further to say, there’s some of the things that you’re listening to, and some of the things that you may be hearing could be half truths. It could look like the truth. It almost sounds like the truth. It almost looks like it’s real. It almost looks like it could be, but it is not because if it’s not preaching Jesus and him crucified, like Paul said, then it is false.

[00:23:09] So I came to you preaching Jesus and him crucified. And that is what God has called us to. Yeah, we will not go any other way. That’s right. We will not go the way of the world. We’re not gonna go with what everybody else is doing. Come on. I’m gonna be that pastor. We’re gonna be that church. Amen. And so if you’re worried about your, your, um, your prestige and your, um, if I go to that church, I’m gonna be labeled one that’s that’s, that’s crazy.

[00:23:38] I’m gonna be labeled as one. That, that, that is going against the flow. Then you, you don’t have to stay here, but that’s what we’re gonna. and that’s who we’re gonna be. Because in this time, I believe that God is looking for a church who will stand up in the middle of adversity and take her right place in the kingdom of God racism, all this stuff, the C RT that’s going on.

[00:24:02] I’m gonna speak out against it. I’m gonna speak. They try to call it another name. I’m gonna speak out against it. Yeah. This, whatever. Abortion. Um, and again, there’s always grace. I’m saying there’s grace. If you’ve had an abortion. I really, I understand that. I really want you to understand that I really want you to understand there is grace and we are not coming at a message that’s trying to condemning, but I’m telling you, we gotta stand for the unborn.

[00:24:23] We gotta stand for what is right. And we gotta stand for what God has called us to stand for. Do you understand that? And that’s where it is, but you can do that by yourself. That’s right. If you find yourself out amongst and you’re doing your own thing, I’m telling you you’re gonna get it eaten. Right?

[00:24:39] That’s what I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve watched where, oh my gosh. He’s out under their wilderness all by himself. and there goes, Mr. Tiger. Grazing amongst them. Oh no, what’s gonna happen. You know, how black people are. We talked in the middle of the movie, you know, what’s gonna happen. run. He gonna kill you.

[00:25:01] You know what I’m saying? You can’t go to movies for black people. That’s how we do. . He gonna get you, Ron. I look over Vanessa. She’s just like,

[00:25:14] but here’s the truth. Y’all laughing. But some of you are out on your own right now. You’re not connected. You’re not part of any group that’s going on. You just coming to church and checking it off your list and going home and saying we had church. I don’t want you to come and go to church. I want us to be the church.

[00:25:30] So that means that when we come to church, and when we come to church that you should be equipped to go out and take the world by storm. And that’s my job again, to equip you to do the work of the ministry. So if you find yourself coming to church and checking it off your list, you’re doing exactly what we are saying not to do.

[00:25:50] It’s not just coming to church. I don’t want you to just come and be an attender. I’m trying to help you to be equipped, to be AER. Yeah, that’s good. And the only way you’re gonna do that is we’re gonna do it together. We’re gonna do it together. and so I want you to turn your Bibles real quick in the time I, a little bit of time, I have remaining in first Corinthians chapter 12, as, as you’re turning there,

[00:26:17] something I want you to you to understand, and you is, is a must, is that as the church is coming together, that your children I’m looking at the young people that are in this room, their children are gonna have to know who they are in Christ. Right. You, your parents, your parents need to equip your children not to go the way of the world, not to go the way of the world and where, and I’m gonna say this.

[00:26:41] Some of your parents may get mad at me, send an email to pastor Kevin. But if I’m saying, I’m gonna say this, your children are not supposed to run the house, right. Amen. Some of y’all didn’t hear me. So I’m gonna say it again. Over here on this side, your children are not supposed to run the house. That is not the order of the Lord.

[00:27:02] God is not caught. Is it fathers, mothers, uh, husbands wives, and the children a welcome edition. And we glad that they’re here, but you need to instruct them. The Bible says, train them up in the way that they should go so that when they’re old, they don’t depart from it. It is that training. That is, that is going that, that we need to do not letting the children run the house and do whatever they want to.

[00:27:22] I mean, I, we have this conversation. We had these conversations at our house regularly when the kids would be like, I wanna do this. Be like, well, I want you to pay these bills around here. You know what I’m saying? So you’re not paying these bills. I’m the one, when you get your y’all know, y’all heard this before.

[00:27:36] Yeah. When you get your own house, when you get your own house and pay your own bills, then you can have some say so in here, but you’re not paying any bills. And I’m, this is where God’s callers do. And I sat down with him, be like, ha, I didn’t make. This is what the Bible says. And so we would have conversations like that.

[00:27:54] So the truth is, is that God has called you fathers, mothers, husbands wives, take control of your house and be who God’s called you to be. But it’s a together effort calling you guys to be together. Let show you what that looks like. First Corinthians chapter 12. Um, I’m gonna, we’re gonna start at verse 20.

[00:28:15] Oh, no, actually we’re gonna start at, um, verse 12, its as far as, as the body is one, it has many members, but all the members of that one body being many are one body. So also is Christ four by one spirit. Everybody say spirit. Spirit say it like you mean it, spirit, spirit. We were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves are free and all have been made to drink into one spirit for in fact, the body is not one member, but many if the foot should say, because I am not a hand, I am not of the body.

[00:28:45] Is there therefore not of the body. And if the ear should say, because I’m not an eye, I’m not of the body, is it therefore not of the body? If the whole body were an eye, where would the. Uh, where would be the hearing if the whole were hearing, where would this would be the smelling, but now God has set the members, each one of them in the body, just as he pleased.

[00:29:07] And if they were all one member, where would the body be? but now indeed, there are many members yet one body, the eye cannot say to the hand, I have no need of you, nor again, the head to the feet. I have no need of you. No much. Rather those members of the body, which seem to be weaker are necessary. And those members of the body, which we think to be less honorable on these, we bestow greater honor.

[00:29:33] And our UN representable parts have greater modesty, but our representative parts, uh, have no. but God composed the body having given greater honor to that part, which lacks it, that there should be no schism in the body, but that the members should have the same care for one another. And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it, or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it.

[00:30:02] Now you, you, you, you are the body of. And members individually, God has appointed these in the church. First apostles, second prophets, third teachers. After that miracles, then gifts of healing helps administrations. Varieties of tongues are all apostles. No. Are all prophets? I’m gonna answer that. No, all teachers, no.

[00:30:23] Are all workers of miracles? No. Do all have gifts of healing? No, they don’t do all speak in tongues. No, but we want ’em to do all interpret , but earnesty desire the best gifts. And yet I’ll show you a more excellent. You’re all members of the body of Christ. God’s called you to be members of one body we’re joined and called together.

[00:30:42] There’ll be no schism that we’re joined together. The enemy is trying to do everything he can to tear us apart to bring us apart, but we’re all members of one body and God’s called us to be together. And if you are, we can’t, I can’t make you be a disciple. You have to be a disciple on your own. I can’t make you do so.

[00:31:02] I wish I could, sometimes I wish I could put the little collar around your neck and I be like, this is, you know what I’m saying? this is Jesus. You know what I’m saying? I love the Lord offering. You know what I’m saying? I, I, I , I wish I could do. I’m just kidding that a joke, Sam, me, I just like, oh, how dare he?

[00:31:21] I’m just, it’s a joke. It’s a joke. Little bit. Okay. No, the truth is this God is not calling robots. He’s calling individuals to realize that they are part of a family. And when we talk about being a part of a family that you’re joined together and what God has brought together, no man is gonna separate.

[00:31:43] If we understand that we are part of the body of. No weapon formed against us. Your proper shall prosper individually or corporately. God has called us to be together. We’re in no matter what color you are, no matter what background you come from. I don’t care how much money you make. I don’t care where side of the tracks you come from, you are called together as the body of Christ.

[00:32:03] The question is not what race are you? What ethnicity are you? The question is, are you in Christ or are you not in Christ? That’s the question not to be or not to be. Is, are you in, are, are you out, come on, I’m gonna show you a picture of what I went to the doctor other day. And by the way, I went to the doctor and, uh, for my foot, because it was hurting.

[00:32:32] And, um, I didn’t know, again, I don’t know how it happened, but again, the doctor was like, you know, athletes get these things all the time. I was like, yes, I, I understand. Um, but then he was like, he’s like, you know, they’ll go out for a pass they’ll pivot and turn and they’ll pivot and they’ll put pressure on it and stress on it.

[00:32:48] And it’ll cause a to fractures, it happens all the time. And so he was like, what happened? And so that’s what that Terry is right there. That’s a break right there and a small in, on the outside of my bone. That’s the break. Right? Now it started hurting you. Leave it up there just for a minute. That’s a pretty, it’s not broke all the way through, but it’s it, man.

[00:33:05] It hurt. It started hurting. Let me just tell you the journey of how that happened. It started hurting, but. I’m gonna tell you how my whole body interacted with that hurt. It started hurting this leg, looked over and said, mm-hmm put all the weight on this leg. My knee said, Hey, put some pressure on it. My neck sat to my head.

[00:33:27] Hey, dummy, look down. There’s something going on with your foot. My waist turned, my heart started beating my mouth, got a hold of my head head, got a hold of the mouth and said, And then not only that this leg started hopping up and down and then these hands, these hands reached down and grabbed the foot and started massaging it.

[00:33:50] And all of a sudden I started doing them, Michael Jackson. And I didn’t even necessarily know

[00:33:58] I was all of a sudden I’m doing Billy Jean had nothing on me because I was. My whole body started interacting because my foot was hurting and it was, and then I, my hand didn’t go tough. Look, I bet you won’t do that again. No, every part of my body joined in together because one little part of my bone that you can’t see was hurting.

[00:34:22] That’s what happens in the body of Christ. If you’re connected, then everybody goes to the park. That’s hurting and joins in with the park that’s hurting because we’re joined together. Good. Do you understand what I’m saying? That’s good. That’s what God’s called us to do. But if you are out on the outsides, if you’re on the fringes and you are on the outside looking in and you saying, you know what, that connection part that’s for other people, but it’s not for me, that’s for other people, but it’s not for me.

[00:34:49] I’m telling you you’re wrong. I can’t, we’re not a perfect church. We have our problems. We have issues and things that are going on, but what we try to do every day when we get together is try to set the best table. We. So that when you come here that you can partake of what it looks like to be a disciple.

[00:35:09] And so when you partake of it, you are equipped to go out and be who God’s called you to be amen. And do what he’s called you to do. That’s what God, that’s, that’s what we do. We, I can’t make you be a disciple, but I can create a greenhouse effect and I can create an atmosphere for. amen. Amen. So we have groups.

[00:35:28] That’s why we have next steps. That’s why we have the different things that we have. We have men’s groups, we have women’s group. Um, how many of you ladies appreciate Vanessa and what she does with the ladies and stuff that goes on. She does a great job. And so that’s not her Ste that’s not her strong, super she’s doing it.

[00:35:44] She’s trying to do the best that she can. And so she, she loves the speakers that has come. Um, whereas gay. gay. How many of you guys enjoyed gay last, last time that she shared with Lynn, many people that share, um, different ones. I have friends that are here that are great. Um, in sharing whether it’s Patricia or Patrice, um, you know, some of my friends that, that are here, that that are well, just a lot of relationships that I have.

[00:36:08] Um, Philip, who, who does the cooking for us is gonna be sharing. We have great people to be able to help you be who God’s called you to be, but you can’t do that by sitting on little side. He sit there and be like, that’s what’s everybody else. Look at me. All the rest of my family was kind of skinny. I got up to the table.

[00:36:29] when you heard that, that was me scooting up to the table because I knew what time it was. It was time to eat and it’s not a time to be picky. Some of y’all kids right now, y’all be like, I don’t like that. My mom would be like, either you going to eat it or it’s going to eat you, but you ain’t get off the table until.

[00:36:48] Y’all laughing. Some of y’all been laughing nervously, cuz I just take y’all back to trauma and y’alls childhood. Some of y’all just like y’all know that was y’all too

[00:37:00] scoot up to the table and be a part of what God is doing and saying.


Chris McRae

Lead Pastor, Elder
In his high school years, Chris was set free from anger and depression after an encounter with the Holy Spirit, and a passion was stirred in him to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to the broken and the lost. Chris is passionate about people- leading people to encounter the love of the Father, the truth of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. A second generation Pastor, Chris has a heart for equipping the body of Christ.
Chris is a graduate of Christ for the Nations and The King’s University. Chris first joined staff at Sojourn Church in Carrollton, Texas in 1996, and has served as Pastor of Children’s Ministry, Youth and Families. In January 2020, Chris began serving as Lead Pastor. Chris and Vanessa have been married since 1998 and have four children.
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