Connect: Prayer Connects Us To The Father

Aug 14, 2022 | Moore, Terry, Sermons

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40 years ago this weekend, God changed Susan my life. So this is our we’re celebrating 40 years of being absolutely completely changed. Went to James Robinson, meeting that. Great. Great for us. We went to a James Robinson meeting, we’d gone to a number before it felt like it was a new thing. It would’ve been for instance, supporters of the ministry and really had an encounter with God that changed our life.

[00:00:28] I got filled with the spirit. I didn’t even know exactly what that was. I got delivered of a demonic spirit of temper, which is the reason really we do free indeed is because of that. Got a revelation of the love of the father. That was way beyond anything I’d ever seen before. And I got the word just came alive.

[00:00:49] It started to make sense. We’d gone to church. We’d been to church rather the raised in church, but I didn’t know. You could connect with God the way that we did in that particular time. When pastor Chris asked me to share this weekend, one of us had any idea that this was our, for. Anniversary of that time.

[00:01:07] And besides that, the moment he asked me to share this weekend, I really felt like that the Lord already had something for us to for me to share that I really believe is going to help us growing up in church and growing up, I read before 1982. I went to, we went to church. I read my Bible and I prayed.

[00:01:28] And to be quite honest, didn’t get a whole lot out. But I kept going. It’s the way I was raised. And I really felt like in the spirit that if I’ve shared this in many of you that are aligned it sometimes, you may be like that also, I’ve prayed, I’ve thought the Lord go to church read, but it’s something is missing. And I really believe that God said I’ve got something in here for us that will help us today. Amen. Amen. Okay. I wanna begin in Luke 11 one. And what I wanna talk about today is that I believe that God has a way for us to connect to him in a greater dimension than ever before through prayer.

[00:02:09] Now we have prayer altar. We just got through talking about healing, prayer. We pray we’re a praying church. So I’m not talking about all aspects of prayer, but I feel like that God had given to me a dimension that really given all of us of how to pray in a way that really would change us.

[00:02:30] Luke 11. One said now it came to pass. As he was praying when he ceased that one of his disciples said to him or teachers to pray as John taught his disciples. Now, why I’m gonna begin here is because it’s really interesting to me that they didn’t ask for more miracles that had asked for greater healing gifts.

[00:02:51] Cuz they’d obviously seen Jesus do some miracles. They’d seen blind eyes open. They’d seen the lame. Deaf here probably seen him multiply the loaves, seen him steal the storm. I’d be honest if I dare, I’d probably ask for that. I’d probably go Lord increase that, but no, they said teach us to pray as John’s disciples taught him.

[00:03:13] So if you think about it for just a moment, obviously they saw something in Jesus and the way he connected to father. they’re going up. We want that, that, that’s what we want. How do you do that? What are you doing? Because they I believe can’t prove this, but I believe that they related the signs and wonders and miracles and healing to his relationship to father.

[00:03:40] Yeah. And so from that relationship, they’re going okay. I don’t wanna just ask for this. I want the whole thing. So Lord TIUs to pray. That’s what I wanna talk about today, cuz I think God wants us to really tap into him because he really wants to tap to us. He wants us to really connect to him.

[00:04:00] This is out of first John chapter five, and I want to share some things that I’m hoping that as we get into these prayers that really will help us first. John chapter five verse 14 says now this is the confidence that we have in. If we ask anything, according to his will, he hears us. And we know that he hears us.

[00:04:22] If we know he hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of him. Wow. What a promise. Isn’t that great. Only one problem. His will, are we praying according to his will? I can assure you. I prayed a lot of prayers. Didn’t get answered the way I thought they should get.

[00:04:44] You’re probably not like that. You probably got all your prayers answered that way, but see, the real issue is that I’ve prayed all kinds of prayers and we all have issues and we all have things that we’re praying for. We’re wanting God to do. And we crowd to God and we see a promise like this, but see, the problem is that I’m not always sure I’m praying his will.

[00:05:05] I’m praying my will. I know what my will is. I’m not sure it’s his. So what God is trying to do to help us, what I think today will help us because you realize that there are prayers in the Bible. And if there are prayers in the Bible, you realize that is God’s will that’s right. He wouldn’t put it in the Bible for us to pray.

[00:05:28] If it wasn’t his will, that he wouldn’t answer. Now, what I wanna talk about today is how profound that is, that the prayers that are in scripture, he put ’em there because he knows that’s exactly what we need. Now turn, if you will, to Matthew chapter six, I wanna read out Matthew chapter six and the account of what we call the model, prayer, the Lord’s prayer, because the I wanna start with a few verses above that.

[00:05:55] That’s chapter six, verse five. It says when you pray, you should not be like the hypocrites. So they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the street that they may be seen by men. Or surely I say to you, they have their reward, but you, when you pray, go into your room and when you have shut your door, Pray to your father who is in the secret place and your father who sees in secret reward.

[00:06:22] You openly. Now actually the openly is not usually in some of the translations it’s put there, but isn’t that amazing? You get a reward. You ever thought about rewards? What would be a reward? I see it in revelations that I have a crown, but all I do is throw it down. It doesn’t seem to last very long on my head.

[00:06:41] So what is the reward? I proposed to you this morning. The reward is him. Yeah, that’s right. He’s the reward. The fullness of who he is, not just a little token, not to getting saved, go to heaven, deal. I’m talking about him. Yeah. When you pray to father and you go in and shut that door, your reward is.

[00:07:02] Wow. Is that a promise? That’s something we need to think. Yes, Lord. I want to go spend a little time in prayer. It says, and when you pray, verse seven, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen for, they think they will be heard for their many words. Therefore do not be like them for your father already knows the things that you have need of, and before you even ask him, isn’t that.

[00:07:26] What he’s saying here is that, I’ll just be really honest. I’ve spent most of my prayer life praying for my needs, praying for issues, praying for things in my family, praying for circumstances and situations and all these tu of things. And he’s saying, Hey when you go in there and shut the door, don’t spend a whole lot of time on you.

[00:07:45] He said, cuz I love you. And I already know what you need that. The truth is that it’s real convicting because again, we, he says, I’ll provide for you, look at verse 30, one of chapter six. It says, therefore, do not worry saying, what should we eat or what should we drink or what shall we wear for after all these things, the Gentiles seek for your heavenly father knows that you need all these things, but see first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these.

[00:08:17] They’ll be added to you. Isn’t that amazing. Now, what this is saying is that you think about it for just a moment when God used the term Gentiles. When we read that in scripture, he’s talking about those that are not in covenant with him. It’s not a derogatory statement. He’s just saying, look, they’re, you’re either in Christ or you’re not in Christ.

[00:08:38] And he’s referring to, if you’re a Gentile, he’s saying you better get out there and hustle because he got, no, God that’s gonna take care of. So you better get out there and bust it. He said, but the truth is that if you’re in me, Hey, I’m gonna provide for all that stuff. You seek me, you seek my kingdom and all these things will be added to you.

[00:09:00] Isn’t that amazing. First and foremost, if we’re gonna really pray effectively and we’re gonna see that God’s prayers answered, we’ve really gotta realize that it’s all about him. It’s not about me. It’s about tapping into his will. So let’s continue on. He says in this manner, therefore pray our father in heaven.

[00:09:21] Every prayer begins with father in John 16, where Jesus is talking to his disciples. He said, okay, up until this time, you’ve asked nothing in my name, but ask the father because the father loves you. So ask him. So our instructions are to. Pray to father now here’s the next problem now where you need to know his will.

[00:09:45] But the next problem is how do you see father? Because your perception of father would determine your prayer life.

[00:09:57] You see him as a loving heavenly father that you want to come and he’s embracing you. You want to come to. or if we project our earthly father’s image onto him, there’s so much of the time we do. It’s the reason we do free indeed. And the reason that we’ve got it coming up in a couple of weeks, cuz one of the first things we deal with is your perception of father.

[00:10:19] Because the problem is if we’re supposed to pray to father and you’ve got a father image issue, you’ve gotta have a hard time having a very effective, pure life. You. That’s what we’re we start off with father and I’m going and so much. That’s why the enemy has done such a number on fathers to knock the father out.

[00:10:39] He knocked the father out, caused the father. Who’s supposed to be a protector to become an abuser to be one that’s supposed to be there to provide for you. And he abandons you or he abuses you. Gosh, can you imagine when we now read this and say, when you pray father, People go to flinch go, oh, I don’t think so.

[00:10:57] I don’t think I want that. So that’s why we gotta get healed of our father wounds. And that’s why, again we deal with that in, in free indeed. Next thing it says, how be your name means to be, to recognize this holy and why? I think this is so important is in your prayer life is learning to begin. Not only to, we begin with father, but we’ve been by giving him.

[00:11:21] Thanks and praise. Praise and worship is so important. It’s not about me. It’s about getting my eyes off of me and getting my eyes on him and the same thing in prayer. Start with, oh, give thanks for God as good for his mercy endures forever. Lord, I wanna thank you that you’re the great I am. You’re the beginning and the end, the first and the last and you’re everything ever thinking between.

[00:11:43] And when you begin to get your eyes off, you begin to get your mind off. Because that’s what gets us in trouble. We’re always about me. Oh, all my issues. But when I’m able to focus upon him, then what happens is that, wow. When I see him is who he really is, then everything is possible. Yeah. See, when I’m looking at my circumstances in my life, they look pretty impossible.

[00:12:10] What he’s wanting us to do is to see him and to glorify him. And that’s why he says Halle, be that name, Lord, I’m gonna bless you. I’m gonna praise you. I’m gonna set my heart up on you. Set my gaze up on you. Set my affection up on you. I’m going to focus up on you because that’s what he’s saying. We gotta get, I’ve gotta get you out of you and I gotta get you into me.

[00:12:32] Come on. And that’s what he’s trying to do. That’s why it says pray this way. Okay. After we do that, it says your kingdom come, your will be done on earth is in heaven. You realize he’s not trying to get us outta here. He is not trying to get us. There’s no escape hatch. He’s not trying to get us to heaven, tough or quiet.

[00:12:57] See, we’ve been trying to get outta here and God’s saying, no, I want you here. I want my kingdom. I want my rule and reign and my will to be done on earth. Amen. I don’t have a problem in heaven. And by the way, this prayer is not to pray that heaven would come when we pray heaven to come and we pray, oh, heaven will come.

[00:13:15] No problems. My harp in the sky. No, we’re praying for warfare. That’s right. We’re praying for the rule and reign of God to come. We’re praying that we’d actually be the church, the storms against of hell that set the captive free. That’s what we’re here for. We’re not here to get out. We’re here waiting for the escape hatch and God is saying, no, I’ve got you here.

[00:13:38] Get in alignment with me. You wanna know why we have problems? We’re supposed to be expanding his kingdom. That’s right. We’re supposed to be doing his will not my will. You may not wanna pray these prayers. these are prayers. These are prayers to change things. That’s why he put ’em in the Bible. He wants to change us first.

[00:13:59] And then he wants to change the world that we live in. Problem is not in heaven. Problem is not that, I need to get to heaven. No, he’s trying to get his kingdom, his rule and reign his will being done here in this world. That’s where it’s outta order. It’s outta order in our government. It’s out of order in our education.

[00:14:17] It’s outta order in our media. It’s out of order in the church. It’s out of order everywhere, our families. And that’s what God is saying. No, my prayer. I want you focus on me, but I wanna release something here. Goes on to say, give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our debts. As we forgive our debtors, do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one for yours of the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.

[00:14:46] Amen. So he says, pray for provision. Okay. We’re gonna pray for provision, pray for right relationships, because if we’re gonna be properly connected to God, we’ve gotta be connected to one. the di the dimension of the body of Christ. My body has got lots of connections and I like ’em all connected properly.

[00:15:09] Cause we, when they don’t, it hurts, we need to be connected properly. So he’s saying, let, why it’s important to forgive and then pray for protection. Why? Because if we’re storming the gates of hell, you’re gonna need. So when you think this prayer, you realize that this is a prayer that God is saying, okay, you wanna learn to pray?

[00:15:29] You wanna see my kingdom? Come on earth. This is how I want you to pray. Most of our prayers have not been that. That’s why it’s so important. When you realize Jesus, they ask you disciples, apples samples, ask him, teach us to pray. He said, okay, You really wanna pray this way. I’m gonna teach you to pray, but this is exactly what Jesus did.

[00:15:51] He didn’t come to do the will of his father. He came to the will of, he came to do the will of his father not to do his own. Will. He came to represent heaven on earth. He really showed us what is it looked like to be a man empowered by the spirit, living in relationship with father bringing forth his kingdom.

[00:16:10] That’s really what he wants us to do too. Now. Before we go to the next prayer. Look at verse 14. It says if you forgive men, their trespasses, your heavenly father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men, their trespasses, neither, your father forgive your trespasses. Woo. So the prayer look at it this way, the prayer is praises and says, amen.

[00:16:33] And then Jesus himself makes a commentary about the prayer. He’s saying guys, what I really, you gotta forgive. You don’t understand the power of forgiveness. Couple of reasons. Number one, because forgiveness is love in action. So true love being released is not just words, not just a feeling. No, it’s an action of releasing and forgiving.

[00:16:59] secondly, if you don’t forgive, the enemy has access to you. So you, we can’t advance his kingdom. That’s another reason why we do free. Indeed. We try to help people walk through the issue of forgiveness. You realize that a lot of times we forgiven, but we haven’t forgiven from the heart. We think we’ve forgiven, but why we’re not really free, cuz we’ve not really forgiven from the.

[00:17:26] We just do we deal with that because it’s such an important issue. What’ll be free. You have to forgive. And that’s really what God wants to do. He wants us to, he wants us to pray these prayers, cuz these, this is the will of God. Now turn, if you will, to Ephesians chapter one, we’ve shared this.

[00:17:43] If you’ve been here for any length of time, Share out of Ephesians every time I get a chance to share we’re doing Ephesians on Wednesday night. So you can tell, I, I like Ephesians, Ephesians chapter one verse 17 begins a prayer that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of glory may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him.

[00:18:06] Now, let me, I’m gonna walk through these prayers and I just wanna talk about it briefly. But I said in the beginning, we read out a first Sean. He said, if you, we have a confidence in God that if we pray anything, if we ask for anything, according to his, will he hears us and we know if he hears us, he’s gonna answer it.

[00:18:26] Is that right? Yes, ma’am okay. The word of God is his will. It’s not a. I don’t have to wonder, right? I’m not sure if this is your will or not. No, it’s his will, he would not have put it in the Bible. So he tells us to pray this way. Pray to give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation and the knowledge of him.

[00:18:47] The prayer is that Lord. I want to know you. I don’t want to just know about you. I don’t want to gather some more information. I wanna know you experiential. Now it’s the spirit of God that searches the deep things of God and makes known to our spirit, that things have been freely given to us by God, for Corinthians chapter two in John 16, it says, it’s the spirit of truth who leads us into all truth.

[00:19:09] He will not speak on his own, but whatever he hears he will speak. He will tell you things to come. It’s the holy spirit that is the spirit of revelation and wisdom. And what did he do? He reveals. Again, the prayer starts with father that the eyes of this is verse 18, that the eyes of your understanding would be enlightened.

[00:19:31] It’s another way of saying revelation. If it’s dark, you can’t see, but when the lights come on, you can see. So it’s just another way of saying Lord, turn the lights on. I wanna see clearly I wanna see. and what else he gets to see is the hope of his calling. Do you realize that he has called us for a time, such as this, one of the things that we deal with and again, in free indeed is the whole issue of rejection and the whole issue of, I don’t think I’ve I’m, I don’t feel wanted, you may not have been wanted and you may have been rejected, but the only one that counts said, no, I called you.

[00:20:15] Amen. God doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t have somebody go. He doesn’t go, oh man, missed it on that one. No, he doesn’t do that. He doesn’t make mistakes. You’re chosen of God. James Robinson, who God used in our lives was a product of rape his mother back in those days, tried to abort him and didn’t praise God.

[00:20:38] God used him to see millions of people come into the kingdom. and the people that he’s prayed for to see millions come in the kingdom of God, God didn’t make mistakes. So again, the problem is getting in alignment with him. So we need revelation of his calling. You need a revelation of how he’s called you.

[00:20:59] He created you for this time and you’re not a mistake. He has a plan for your life. That’s better than your plan for your life. Yes, sir. I had a plan for my life, Susan. I had a plan. We were cruising. And as we say, if we had, if you’d have put pastoring on that plan, it wasn’t on the plan. Not wouldn’t have at the end of the plan, it was not on the plan.

[00:21:22] God had a different plan. and I can assure you that his plan is better than your plan. It’s a lot better than our plan. So that’s why we’re asking for this revelation. And what are the riches of the glory of his inheritance in us? We’ve got an inheritance and he, we are his inheritance and we have an inheritance.

[00:21:42] And in verse 19 says, what is the exceeding greatness of his power toward us who believe according to the working of his mighty power, which he worked in Christ when he raised from the dead, you realize that there is mighty resurrection power toward us. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in.

[00:22:05] Think about the urge just a minute, not only did the, is that resurrection power there, it says that he seated him in heavenly places, far above all principality and power might every name, everything created everything that will be created. Everything we need that power. that’s the power of the spirit. So again, do you understand the prayer?

[00:22:28] When you look at this prayer, take it out, look at it, you go, god’s saying, that’s what you need. You think you need this and that, and you think you need this and that I’m telling you, this is what you need. You need a greater revelation of who I am in a greater revelation of who you are and a greater revelation of who the power of the spirit that’s in you.

[00:22:49] That’s what you. Amen. Now you may sit there and all of us, we got list a mile long of things that we’re praying for, but I can assure you that what we really need. He’s put in the Bible, look at chapter three of Ephesians, verse 14. So for this reason, bow my knees to the father of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

[00:23:06] Again, we’re praying to father. It’s all about father from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is. We are the family of God. Isn’t that amazing. Talking about being connected. We’re connected not only to father, but we’re connected to one another. Oh, I’m even connected to those in heaven. She was only one body and only one way in, and either you’re in or you’re not.

[00:23:34] So the truth is that, Hey we’re the family of God. Four 16 says that he would grant you according to the riches of his glory to be stringed with might to the spirit and the inner man now. Okay. Who doesn’t need that? Anybody here anybody’s got so much strength and power of his might. You don’t need that?

[00:23:56] No I think we probably could use that. Oh, and by the way, when do you ever not need it? There’s no end to this. Wow to be strengthened with his mind through the spirit and the inner man. If we are going to be the people that God has called us to be, to represent him on earth, listen, we need to be strengthened with his might in the inner man by his spirit every day we need to, we need the power of the spirit in our lives.

[00:24:21] If we’re going to make a difference in this world, verse 17 says that Christ may dwell in your heart through faith as you be rooted and grounded in. Now you think about it just for a moment, you’re we talk about the advanced foundations and about being at the foundation determines the building, the roots determine the structure of whatever’s growing.

[00:24:46] And so if you’re rooted and grounded in love, do you realize that you’re rooted and grounded in God? Because God is. So if you’re rooted and grounded in him, the love is gonna flow and love is gonna come through. You Love’s most powerful force on the earth. So if we truly are rooted and grounded in love that Love’s gonna flow out, it’s gonna flow.

[00:25:11] There is nothing that can stop his love. That’s good. So he wants us to, he wants us to express his love. Yes, it goes on to say. We may be able to comprehend with all the saints. What is the width and length and depth and height to know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

[00:25:33] Do you realize, again, there’s no limit to the width and the length and the depth and the height. Just, it doesn’t hit the roof and it go, that’s all. That’s all there is out to the walls. No, there is no end. Why? Because there’s no end to God. God’s not limited. There’s nothing limiting him. He’s still expanding.

[00:25:53] His love is still there. He’s got plenty for everybody. And so if, and if the prayer is not again, please hear what this prayers are. It’s not about getting more information. It’s about experiencing his love. What he, why he put these prayers here? Cuz he knows we have a tendency to stop here. We have a tendency to acknowledge it and.

[00:26:19] I got it. I got it. And he’s going, Nope. You don’t keep praying to prayer cuz he wants to get it from here down to here. That’s really the issue. That’s what happened to Susan and myself. We were in, we go to a meeting. If I, he passed, I could have passed the test. If he asked the questions, do you know Jesus?

[00:26:37] Do you know this? Do you know that? Do you read the Bible? Do you do? Yeah, I could pass all that. But what happened in our lives? With a life changing encounter with the living, God, that change things from being information to revelation. And that’s what God wants to do to every one of us. We pray these prayers.

[00:26:57] We know this is his will and the reward is that he answers these prayers cuz he put ’em in the Bible. He wouldn’t have preserved them over thousands of years. If it wasn’t something that is absolutely imperative for us to understand, he wants to answer these prayers. So he wants us to know his love. He wants us to be filled with the fullness of God.

[00:27:21] Really? Do you pray that everyone jump up and Lord, thank you. I wanna be filled with the fullness of God today. We need to. I don’t, we just need to, we just need to go, Lord, we’ve changed. Our perspective changed the way that, we’ve been seeing things now, verse 20 says now to him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works within us, that’s the power of the spirit.

[00:27:49] Again, the power of the spirit that lives in us. To him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. Wow. Isn’t that amazing. God wants us to pray these prayers. Now I’m just gonna make reference to prayer in Philippians and prayer in Colossians. There are other prayers, their additional prayers.

[00:28:10] They’re all good. I’ve prepared. We’ve had this a number of years, a prayer. for everybody to have one and you can get one. When you leave, the ushers will have ’em at the door, but this is what I really believe. If we will pray, these prayers what’ll happen is God will change our lives. Amen. So this is what I’m asking you to do.

[00:28:32] I’m asking you to get a card and pray these prayers every day for 30 days, make a list of your other prayers. I’m not saying don’t pray. I’m not saying don’t intercede for different issues. The things you’re involved in, but I’m saying, be sure you’re praying for this because I know this is the will of God.

[00:28:56] I’m not wondering. So I got a promise. I’ve got a confidence in God that if I pray anything, according to his will, he’s gonna do it. He’s gonna hear it. And it’s gonna be. I can assure you, this is his, will he put ’em in the Bible? So we’d pray. ’em cuz he knows this is what we need. Now I’m being confident.

[00:29:19] I don’t have to wonder, I know this they’ll happen. So I encourage you get one of these when you go out and I want you to pray these 30 days, see what God does pray every day and believe that he put ’em in there because he wants you to pray. Cuz he wants to answer ’em. Okay, will you do it? Yep. Okay. Now what I wanna do, I wanna close this in prayer.

[00:29:43] I, Susan and I went to James’ meeting in August of 1982, knowing that it would be a, it was good. We always enjoyed his meetings, but had no idea that we were going to encounter God in such a way that would change our lives. Some of you may have come today. Some of you may be. And you fed up church again.

[00:30:07] Here we go. We’re gonna go to church again and you’ve got either likewise you’ve had no real expectation that anything would be going on. Not anything bad. It’s just that, okay. Go to church again, but you know that you can have an encounter with God every time you come, you can connect to him really every time we’re here.

[00:30:29] And that’s what I wanna pray for us. You may be here. You may not know Jesus. You may have gone to church. You may be a first time person here. I don’t know. But listen, the Bible says that he is the way, the truth in life that no one comes to the father except through him. Yeah, he is the way of life, but he’s only the beginning.

[00:30:49] He’s the door and you can get born again and you can begin that. Likewise, what happened to us? We got filled with the. We didn’t go get hands laid on us. We didn’t go do any kind of weird deal. No, he just said you wanna be filled of the spirit and we go, I want everything God’s got, so God did it. And so I wanna pray for us for that too.

[00:31:14] We need the power of the spirit, the power that raise Jesus from the dead. I can assure you. We need that power. Yeah. The power that stated him and heavenly places, the power of the resu. the spirit of wisdom and revelation and the knowledge of him. That’s the holy spirit. We need him. He is with us.

[00:31:35] He is not some far away place. He is with us and he wants to empower us. So I wanna pray though, if you’re, if you will just join with me, those of you online, also father, we are grateful and thankful for your amazing grace and I thank you Lord for life. I pray, Lord, if there’s anyone that’s here today, or anyone that’s hearing this message that may not be for sure that they know you.

[00:32:03] I pray Lord. They would ask. Cuz you said that everyone who ask everyone receives, if we’ll call up on the name of Jesus, we will be saved. And I pray Lord, there would not be one person here that is. Born again, that would come into relationship with you and experience your amazing love. And Lord, we stand before you and say, Lord we want to a, we want these prayers to be answered in our life.

[00:32:35] Ask him, say, Lord, help me to walk in these prayers and to make them real in my life. Help us Lord. We need your power. Holy spirit, come and fill us. Fill us up. If you’re here, just ask him, they fill me. Bible says to be continually filled. So that means we need to continually yield to the holy spirit. You realize it’s not a, he then come and go.

[00:33:05] It’s actually, how much have we yielded to him? So yield, you’re all yield it all. Let go of the control and say, Lord, help me take me. Lead me, guide me direct. Fill me up, fill me holy spirit. If we pray these prayers, see there is doesn’t matter if you walked with the Lord for 50 years, or if you walked with the Lord for five minutes, prayers are just as valid because they’re, there’s no termination. There’s no expiration date. These prayers are valid every day. Every day forever. The Lord, I pray in the name of Jesus that you’d help us to pray these prayers, cuz we know you want to answer them and Lord, we need them answered.

[00:33:53] So I’m praying Lord that you would help us to be a people that Lord you would help us to really pray according to your will. And Lord, we’re expecting a reward of your presence in. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for loving us. And we thank you so much in Jesus name. Amen.