Connect: Jesus is the Truth

Aug 7, 2022 | McRae, Chris

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Yesterday. I went to a musical which I, when I was youth pastor, I used to go to musicals. Not musicals. I used to go to different things that the kids would have, ballets and dance recitals and different things. But I never went to a musical. I went to a musical yesterday for one of our students that are here, that, that goes here.

[00:00:15] And and I’m telling you what it really blessed me because I thought, sometimes you go to these things, you’re. Oh, my gosh, wake me up when that, when the kid comes on, you know what I’m saying? Sometimes I’m that way. And then Vanessa be like, pH, I’ll be like, whatever. But I was really from the start of the musical all the way to the end.

[00:00:30] I was impressed. Not only was it a great musical, but the people were very talented and it was really good. But the musical, was it something I’d seen a long time ago was the sound of music. How many of you remember that? Remember that? Come on, grab some of you men raise your hand too, Don. Leave it to the women to raise their hand.

[00:00:45] Some of you guys too, so right, Jeff. Okay. Just wanna make sure some of you saw the movie, the sound of music. Now, when we watched it as a whole family, we watched it as a whole family. We would sit down like after church on a Wednesday night or Sunday, we watch the whole thing and me and my brothers would make fun of it.

[00:01:01] We’d be like, can’t believe you over here watching the sound of music. You know what I’m saying? The Hills come alive in the sound of, you know what I’m saying? So that’s how it started. Steven would look at me and. Bro, you know what I’m saying? The heels ain’t coming alive. And we, we wanna be watching, we’d rather be playing football, but really it was a great musical.

[00:01:22] But seeing that, how many of you guys remember Julie Andrews would come out on the heel, the set, and she would twirl around you guys remember that? And she would be the song with the heel. She would the beautiful voice. And then all of a sudden she was spin around at the sound of music and that like compelled people to watch.

[00:01:37] And I recently saw an interview that Julie Andrews did, and she actu absolutely said this. She goes, that part of the movie was the worst part that I ever filmed because as you’re looking at me trolling around and singing the song, she goes the helicopter that was trying to get the view of the, of me singing.

[00:01:55] That song kept pushing me down in the mud. I rolled down the heel several times. They didn’t get the. So I had to climb back up to hill. I’m rolling back down like Jack and Jill, and the mud in my face and all of this stuff, that’s going down. She goes, it was horrible. And then I had to shoot it about four or five times and she goes, it was the worst part of the movie.

[00:02:16] But when we see it as a beautiful aspect of the movie. We’re just like, isn’t that gracious? Isn’t she spinning around the whole time. She’s hating it. And it’s the worst part of the whole deal. And she’s she goes, I hated that whole. And here’s what I thought about. I thought about the fact that we live in a world where everybody’s trying to portray something that really isn’t the.

[00:02:37] It’s not the truth at all. And so we’re living in a world where truth is relative. So you have truth and I have truth, and what’s true for you may not be true for me. And then you can, I can borrow truth and it’s not the truth. And the truth is this and that. And they’re trying to bargain with the truth and they’re trying to figure out what the truth and the Bible says that the only way that we are to live is to know the truth and the truth will make us free.

[00:03:01] Jesus says, I am the way. And the life, no one comes to the father, except by me. It’s the truth, trying to portray it and everything else, everything that we’ve seen in society even for the last few years has been half truths. That’s what, that’s, what Satan started in the garden was a hat. Did God say.

[00:03:23] That you couldn’t eat the, just half truths. And then that’s what we’re seeing in society right now, where even with all the stuff that’s happened. And I know some of you guys get get and I, cuz I get the emails about you guys hating the fact that I bring up these political statements, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

[00:03:36] And the truth is that some of these deals that are going on right now, it’s all half truth. It’s not truth and anything is half truth and not nothing, but the truth is a. It’s a have truth. It’s a lie. That’s why the only view that matters is Jesus view. I don’t care what whoopy Goldberg says.

[00:03:55] I don’t care if she’s talking about the fact that Jesus and that God is pro choice. That’s a lie. He’s not, pro-choice the only choice getting stirred up here in just a minute. The only choice that you have is to choose. If you don’t choose Jesus, then there is a, there is another choice, not very good, another choice.

[00:04:13] And that is that you is hell. And so therefore we need preachers with a backbone and a tailbone and a Jawbone that’ll stand up and tell the truth and say, the hell is still hot. People are still going there. And the only choice is Jesus. And he’s still the answer for the world today. Amen. Still the. so forget about all this other so you can hear that stuff.

[00:04:39] And that’s why I’m Lord help me. The here’s the deal is this my opinion doesn’t matter. Your opinion doesn’t matter. The only opinion that matters is his is Jesus. So if your opinion, cuz everybody’s got an opinion by everything. Everybody got an opinion not only whipper Goldberg, but then black lives matter.

[00:04:58] Then you got all the L B GT Q a I S. In anyway, plus everybody’s got some kind of opinion. I’m telling you. Listen to me. The truth is this. If it does not line up or is in the word of God, it does not matter what you think or how you want to live. If it does not line up or what God’s word.

[00:05:21] Amen. And that is why we preach the truth of the word of God in this church. I’m not gonna stray away from the truth. I don’t care my color and your color and whatever you think does not matter, does it match up against the word of God? And if it does not match up against the word of God, you need to get rid of it.

[00:05:38] Yeah. Oh, I’m telling the truth. There’s warning. It is. It is I, and that’s what I would tell my kids. They would walk around. They would say things like dad I think we should go to Saltgrass or I think we should go. I like you got any Saltgrass money, you know what I’m saying? You got any, this is not a democracy.

[00:05:55] It’s a benevolent dictatorship. oh, I’m the dictator. , that’s how it is at our house. And so the truth is it doesn’t matter. They think I’m not trying to be my kids’ friends. We will be later, but I’m not trying to be their friend. I’m trying to grow them up into the head, which is Christ. Amen. Yes. Same thing I’m trying to do with our congregation, for us to grow up into the head, which is Christ.

[00:06:23] Where are you on your growth track? Remember I up against a wall and my mom would do the measuring. and I try to stand on my tip. She goes, stand normal. Like I am, and she draw the mark, but I want to grow. And some of us this morning are still at the same mark. We’ve been for a long time. God has says I’m trying to bring you out and bring you into a place of growth so that you can really be who I’ve called you to be and do what I’ve called you to do as a body of.

[00:06:57] Amen. Yeah. Sorry to be stirred up a little bit this morning, but the truth is I’m I get tired of I’m here. It’s just, you get inundated with a bunch of lies. So I could tell you to stay off of YouTube and stay off of my tube and any tube and everything else. Book my book, your face, my in the book and in instrument or whatever it is that they got going on right now, I can taste out that stuff, but I will tell you this, stay in the word of God.

[00:07:23] That is where your, that is where your growth is gonna come from. It’s where your faith is gonna come from. It’s where your inspiration is gonna come from, where your peace is gonna come from is in Jesus.

[00:07:35] I said, before you today, life and death, blessings and curses choose life. Choose it. That’s why I don’t agree with when people saying that God is pro. He gives you the opportunity to choose him. Choose Christ. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Okay. Last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about, I’ve been talking about offenses and we’ve been talking about being connected.

[00:08:03] And so last week I talked about offenses and my wife. She goes, honey, can we talk about something else please? Because there’s always opportunity to be offended. How many of you had an opportunity again, I’m asking you to tell the truth had an opportunity to be offended. Since the last time I talked, raise your hand, you had an opportu.

[00:08:18] At OB. Yes. I see that hand. Some of you can’t raise your hand cuz you’re sitting next to the person that offended you. But that’s alright. Had an opportunity to be offended because offenses must come. And so the reason why I talk about these things is because I believe that God is wanting to unify the church.

[00:08:32] He’s wanting to unify us so that we can come together as the true body of Christ and really be a mobile force to really take back, not only our nation, but really spread the gospel all over the world. That’s what God is wanting us to do. It’s not about us. Say that with me. It’s not about us. Not about it’s all about.

[00:08:52] All and his agenda. It’s all about his agenda. Not, I want his agenda to to rise to the top of your life. And I know you’re busy. I know you got busy things going on. I know your life is consumed with activity because you’re busy, but I’m telling you right now, it’s not a time for you to, to you to just be just dancing through the tulips.

[00:09:10] It’s not a time for you to be tiptoeing through the tulip, sorry, dancing and tiptoeing through the tulips. It’s time for you to get come together for us to divide of Christ, to come together and really be the church to the unchurch. What God wants to happen. And I believe he wants, I know that he wants it to happen here at sojourn.

[00:09:26] That’s the reason why you’re here. It’s I’m here. Cause somebody invited me. Good. You’re part of the team. You’re part of the family, cuz God’s mobilizing us. He’s really wanting us to come together. That’s why we have to deal with these offenses. We have to deal with these offenses and forgiven and unforgiveness and all those things that keep us from joining.

[00:09:43] So I’ve been talking about that today. I wanna talk about something a little bit different because we cannot come together without the power of the holy spirit. We believe in the power of the holy spirit here in this church, we believe in the gifts of the holy spirit. We believe that they’re here for today.

[00:09:58] We believe in healing. We believe in all of it. I love what pastor Terry says, and I love the fact that he’s gonna be preaching here pretty soon. But I love the fact that he’s, that he says this, he goes, I don’t wanna get to heaven and realize that there was more that I could have had. I won’t get to heaven and be like there was more, but you just decided to stop right here.

[00:10:14] I want all that. God has for us, anybody else? Other than me, anybody want seconds and thirds? Anybody else like that with me, Vanessa don’t even Ash. She just, she put a plate right there. Just, I’m just, I only, I want all that God has for me. And. We have to we’ll try. We’re trying to do it in by man’s ways and the world’s standards about unifying and connecting and it doesn’t work.

[00:10:37] The world says that, Hey, not only do I want you to unify with me, I want you to agree with me, but then it goes FA further than just agreeing with me. I want the world wants you. Not just to agree. They want you to participate in what they’re doing and that’s not gonna work. Ain’t gonna be able to do it.

[00:10:56] We can’t do. Because we’re saying God is wanting us to connect, but we gotta do it by the power of his spirit and the spirit of God that brings us together. That’s why I told pastor Terry, when I, we first came in, when I, when he was like, Hey, us together, even when he would be like, Hey, wanted to go to this reconciliation, you know what, they’re trying to reconcile with black people.

[00:11:16] And he goes, they don’t want me, they want you to come and be a part of the deal. I like pastor Terry. I don’t want to. Because I can’t do another foot washing again. They can’t wash the black off. It ain’t coming off. They’re not, that’s not a soap in the world that will take the black off my. And so we’re not going to another foot washing deal because even the truth is this, that even though we’ll do a foot washing and we’ll say, Hey, and I’m not against foot washing, but here’s what I am against.

[00:11:41] I’m against us unifying together in man’s way. Man’s way of doing things. When God is saying this, be concile to each other, but you can’t be reconciled to each other unless you’re reconciled to God. First that’s in the scriptures. I didn’t make. He says, be reconciled to God. The only way that’s gonna happen is by the power of the holy spirit that works in us.

[00:12:07] It’s God’s spirit that works in us both to will and to do for his great pleasure. The Bible says that when the spirit of truth comes, he will lead you and guide you into all truth and you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. You know what that really, that word make means. It means to.

[00:12:27] Here’s what it should read. You show know the truth and the truth will create freedom in your life that you’ve never experienced before.

[00:12:37] Then it also says that Jesus is the truth. He’s the way the truth in the life. So really it should read this. You show know Jesus and Jesus, or create freedom in your life that you’ve never experienced before. And he’ll lead you into all things pertaining to Jesus. That’s how the scripture should read.

[00:12:57] And so that’s why we need to know the truth. It’s important for us to preach truth. And to know if you don’t study the counterfeit, when you’re trying to study how to spot a counterfeit, you study the real thing, right? We need to know Jesus in a way that we’ve never known him before. He’s multi-dimensional he’s got different ways that we need to experience him.

[00:13:15] You just like you there. Sky is the limit. You think some of you saints have been walking with God for a long time. You think there’s more to know in God there. There’s dimensions that you haven’t reached in God, there’s places in him that you’ve not seen before. There’s things in him that you’ve not, that you’ve not been able to experience.

[00:13:31] And God’s gonna help us to be able to do that by his spirit. Not by might, nor by power, but by his spirit says the Lord, not on your own mic. Not on your own agenda, not on your own way of doing things, not on your trying and making a way and trying to do it. It’s by his spirit, the spirit of God that unites us.

[00:13:50] It’s the spirit of God that brings us together. It’s a spirit of God that causes us to be able to receive and to be able to walk and do the things that he called us to do. When you got saved, you receive the spirit of God. And so God is wanting us to, I’m not talking about craziness, but I’ll be honest with you.

[00:14:04] Do we need a little crazy right now? Some of, karate, but you need to know some crazy and you need to experience the spirit of God in a way that you’ve never experienced them before so that you can do the things that he’s called you to do. Oh, I believe that he not only is uniting us, but he’s bringing us together for his purpose and his agenda.

[00:14:24] And so here’s what I mean by that. I’m gonna ask you today. My Ms. Sermon has to do with two questions in one. Two questions in one statement, I’m gonna talk about ’em today and it has to do with the very spirit of God. So I want you to turn to Luke 14 and 19. Actually, we’re gonna start to verse 16 and ready for these two questions in one statement.

[00:14:46] And then after that, we’re gonna take communion together. It’s gonna be good. We’ll start to verse 16. It’s about Jesus. So he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and his, and as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the Sabage day and stood up to read and he was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah.

[00:15:04] And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written, the spirit of the Lord, the spirit of the Lord. Now I want you to. I’m gonna stop here for a second. Cause I want you to look up here, sorry. I’m I’m back and forth, but I remember I, when I talked to you about reading the scriptures, don’t just read the scripts and be like, oh, that was good.

[00:15:21] Put yourself in the place of the scripture, see yourself in the synagogue, like right now see yourself in that place. Jesus come just as he was brought up they’ve they’ve seen him and was this custom to do this and he, and this is what he did. So don’t just be like, oh, that was really good.

[00:15:34] Think about it. He came when he had opened the. Him. He found a place where it’s written and this is what he said this is Jesus saying that the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim Liberty, to the captives and recovery of sight, to the blind, to set at Liberty.

[00:15:56] Those who are oppressed and to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. Now think about this read it in story and context. Then he closed the book. He closed, it, gave it back to the attendant and sat down. That was a custom, that’s what they did. And all the eyes of those who were in the synagogue were fixed on him.

[00:16:21] And he began to say to them, now think about this. Usually somebody says the scripture, they sit down and that’s the end of it. But they were fixed on him because he read it in such a way that stirred up hope on the inside of. So every eye, there was nobody that was looking at distract. They weren’t distracted or anything.

[00:16:40] All the eyes were are upon him. And he began to say today, this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing. So all board witnessed to him and marveled at the gracious words that proceeded out of his mouth. And they said, is this not Joseph’s son? And then he goes on to make a mad as preachers do. He may just continue, just make a mad.

[00:16:57] And so here’s what I wanna say to you today. The spirit of the Lord is upon us. Because he’s anointed us to be able to preach the good news to the poor, to heal up the broken hearted, to set at Liberty. Those are the cap, the spirit. Of the Lord. That this is other centered it’s about others and the spirit of God, the holy spirit is the one who’s gonna enable us to do this.

[00:17:21] It’s not gonna be on our own, but the spirit of God that brings us together. But in order for us to do this, there gotta be an embracing of the spirit. So my first question is this, have you embrace this power of the holy spirit? Have you embraced the holy. So he was like yes I have.

[00:17:38] But I’m not talking about like we do at church. I seen some of y’all in the foyer when y’all hug each other. Y’all do that half that side hug. Y’all do that. Some of you do that, that Baptist aframe hug where you do the a, you come together and you hug each other like that church of God do that too.

[00:17:52] Where you just a, the aframe hug, but I’m talking about, have you embraced everything? There is about the holy ghost. Everything. Have you fully embraced him?

[00:18:08] When Vanessa and I were in Bible college at Christ for the nations, we had a, we had this guy in our class. His name was buddy. And I ran from buddy because every time I see him, he would just hug. He hugged everybody. He really would, he would just run, I’d run from him because I’m like, oh, there he is.

[00:18:23] And I’d run because he would just, he was like, buddy, you ain’t gotta hug every. But anyway, he would find me and he would hug me and he would get his arms around me. He would hug me. It wouldn’t be just a little hug. He would bear hug me and shake. When people like that, just say, bear, hug you and shake you.

[00:18:34] And I’d just go stiff as a board, just because I’m like Hey buddy. You know what I’m saying? That’s what that’s the way it was. And he would do that all the time. And as I was working on this message, the Lord brought me back to that place. And I was thinking about that. I don’t know why I’m thinking of my buddy doing that.

[00:18:48] And the Lord, holy spirit spoke to me. He goes, you do that to me sometimes when I want to embrace. Or when you just get stiff as a board and Lord’s would you embrace all of me? And here’s what that looks like. Taking off all the restrictions, every limitation, everything you think, and you preconceived ideas, everything you’ve heard about the holy spirit, everything you’ve been told about the holy spirit, everything, even you, even some places where you’ve read about the holy.

[00:19:15] But somebody who wants to fully embrace the spirit of God says, Lord, I don’t care what it looks like. I don’t care what it feels like. I don’t care what you do to me. I don’t care what you, I want you to. I want to embrace everything that you have so that you can do whatever you want to do in my life.

[00:19:30] And some of us have said to the holy spirit, you can you can encounter me, but only at church or only at worship or only in this setting. And I’m telling you. The holy spirit wants to interrupt your day. He wants to interrupt your, he want to interrupt your agenda. He wants you to fully embrace everything that he is so that he can do.

[00:19:54] I remember pastor would tell this story about this guy who had his mother-in-law staying with him and he had to tell her, he goes, mom, I love you, but you can only stay in this part of the house. And the spirit of God spoke to me. He said, that’s what you do to me. Sometimes you tell me that I can only stay in this part of the.

[00:20:11] The holy spirit sense. I want to rearrange your whole house. I want to rearrange your whole all. I want to rearrange all of it so that I can set you up to be able to do what I’ve called you to do. I wanna set you up for that. Have you first question, have you embraced fully the holy spirit? What areas in your life that you’ve not allowed him to.

[00:20:37] what are some areas in your thinking that you’ve not allowed him to work in? What are some areas in your marriage, your finances, your giving your relationships, your everyday walking around life that you’ve not allowed the holy spirit to come in and rearrange your world. That’s the first question.

[00:20:52] Second question is this first question? Have you fully embraced the holy spirit? Second question. Is this, have you allowed the holy spirit to fully embrace?

[00:21:06] There’s another question only you can answer these questions by the way. Have you allowed him to come in? Just you allowed holy spirit to come in fully embrace you. Do you become stiff as a board or you’re saying holy spirit. When you say, when we sing holy spirit, the hard come in this place. Holy spirit thou Hardwell come here in this place.

[00:21:31] Never father mercy and grace. Now come here in this place. Is it this place? Are we talking about a building? Is it this place or are we talking about a building? Is it all of this or are we talking about a building? I am never talking about a building. I want you to hear me. I’m never talking about a building.

[00:21:57] I’m always talking about this.

[00:22:03] Have you allowed the holy spirit to come in and fully embrace you? This is not in here right now, but there’s times when she’s cooking or something and she’s filled the whole house up with the smell of like great food. And and so sometimes I’ll come in because of excitement about the food I’ll come in and just hug her, she goes, get outta here.

[00:22:24] She goes, I’m. She goes, why are you in the kitchen? I was like, because it smells. And like my, and my favorite human being in the whole world is cooking the food. It’s a good day. I’m like, I love you. And so I’m hugging her, and she’s like trying to get away and I’m trying to embrace her. She’s get away from me.

[00:22:39] She goes, just get outta here. Just get out of the kitchen. I’m like outta love the kitchen. I love you and I love kitchen, and so she’s trying to get away. She’s trying, she’s got something she’s trying to do. And I’m trying to just say, I love you. She goes, get, she goes, she elbowed me one time.

[00:22:52] She elbowed me, I just I’m calling the police, whatever. Anyway, so she we’re, joking back and forth, but I’m trying to, she’s trying to do something. I wanna show her. And I’m thinking again. That’s how the whole spirit is. I’m trying. He, Lord whole spirit is I wanna embrace you.

[00:23:04] I want to love you. I want you to be free. I want you to have life. I want you to have it more abundantly. I want you to have joy, unspeakable, joy. I want you to have the presence of God. I want you to have life that you’ve never lived before. I want you to change the way that you think cuz the holy spirit does convict us of sin.

[00:23:20] By the way, it’s not just about us just receiving the good presence of the Lord. He shows us what’s right and what’s wrong. I want you to have. Sense of me. I want you to carry me with you. I wanna go with you. I want you to experience life on a level that you’ve never experienced it before. I want you to be encompassed by my presence.

[00:23:36] I want you to have everything that I want you to have for this time, and we’re trying to get away because we’re trying to do something. We’re trying to do our agenda. We’re trying to make something happen on our own. And we’re trying to make things on our and God and holy spirit said come, let me embrace you.

[00:23:48] And we’re trying to do things on our own. I’m telling you, God is saying second question. Have you allowed the holy spirit to embrace? You amen. He wants to do that. And the third was a third is a statement. And that statement is this, have you first, have you embraced the holy spirit second? Have you allowed the holy spirit to embrace you?

[00:24:11] And the reason why I’m gonna make this statement is because the holy spirit, after you, he embraces you. He enable you to be able to embrace others and be. They embrace and then you embrace others. The reason why you’re able to forgive is because the holy spirit lives on the inside of you, the forgiver lives on the inside of you.

[00:24:31] The reason why you’re able to get rid of offenses is because the one who is not offended is the one who is able to be able to release those offenses. He’s a rock of offense, but he lives on the inside of you. So you can let those things. And once you get a glimpse of who the power and the presence of Jesus, who he is, it’ll change you forever.

[00:24:50] How many of you are changed by the power and presence of who Jesus is? You’re changed, but he takes us from glory to glory, from place to place. And he wants you to experience it because he’s multidimensional and that’s, what’s actually, once you get, I have been married to Vanessa for 24 years and there’s still aspects and elements of her that I’ve not yet experienced because there’s something new all the time.

[00:25:11] I enjoy being with her. I love being with her and now we’re about to experience something great. Kids are leaving. So I get to have her all by myself. So that’s another dimension that I was like, this is cool. And they’re just like, mommy. And she’s just she goes, I’m telling you, I’m like, I’m so excited.

[00:25:26] She goes, hold on, big boy. We still have a couple of kids living at home. I’m just like, but still there’s a whole nother dimension. And there’s another dimension that as long as we live together until death do us part, I am going to continue to learn about her. And I’m gonna continue to see things about her that I’ve never experienced before.

[00:25:41] And I’m telling you that God. Is the same way. There’s he’s, multi-faceted, multi-faceted, he’s multidimensional and there’s places in him that you’ve not seen before. There’s things in dimensions and Heights in him that you’ve not seen before. What do you think is going on in heaven right now? The Bible says that right now you’re listening to me, but right now what’s going on in heaven.

[00:26:02] Is that, that all the angels and all the elders and all the Sera films and the Cher BIMS, they’re all up there flying around. And they’re saying, holy is the Lord, God almighty, who was, and is to come. And they look up and they see something in him that they’ve never seen before. And the Bible says they take their crowns off and they throw it down and they say holy is the Lord, God almighty, who was and is it come?

[00:26:24] And they. And they see the person next to him and he still got his crown on. Give me that, throw it down on the ground because holy is the Lord, God almighty, who was and is it come and then look around and nobody else has got any crowns talking about the jewels that you’re trying to earn to get in that crown.

[00:26:39] Is that gonna matter? Because you’re gonna be casting his feet and you’re gonna look up and you’re gonna see something in him that you’ve never seen before. And you’re gonna go, holy is the Lord. God almighty, who. And is to come because that’s the holy spirit. That’s the spirit of God and all of it.

[00:26:53] And all of it doesn’t matter. All this other stuff in this world, doesn’t matter. That’s why, when Jen is singing, give me Jesus who can have this world. Yeah. Only want Jesus

[00:27:07] wish would be Goldberger. We get a view of Jesus and everybody on the view would get a view of Jesus and be changed by him. Cuz it only takes one. To see him answer the question, answer it. Have you embraced the holy spirit fully? There are more dimensions that he wants to take you to. Second. Have you allowed the holy spirit to embrace you?

[00:27:36] I’m talking about all of you. All of. what places have you denied him from having in your life and have you allowed him to help you to embrace other people? No matter background, ethnicity, where they come from, walks of life, have you allowed him to help you to be able to embrace other people?

[00:28:05] That’s where we’re going? People. That’s what God’s called us to. I’m talking about. I hope you’re not walking in any condemnation cuz there’s therefore now no condemnation for those that love God and are called according purpose, no condemnation, but the conviction of the holy spirit says this God, there’s places in you that I’m not gone.

[00:28:22] There’s things in you that we’ve not done. And I want to go further. I want you to get outta the boat. I want you to get outta your comfort zone. Get outta your lethargy, your apathy. Get outta that. You gave, okay. Holy spirit shatter my lids, any of my limitations and any, and I don’t know.

[00:28:39] I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m telling you just say, Lord, I don’t care what it looks like. I don’t care what it feels like. I don’t care where I know I’ve seen some stuff. That’s crazy, but Lord, I want all of you. Holy spirit. I want all of you in Jesus name.


Chris McRae

Lead Pastor, Elder
In his high school years, Chris was set free from anger and depression after an encounter with the Holy Spirit, and a passion was stirred in him to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to the broken and the lost. Chris is passionate about people- leading people to encounter the love of the Father, the truth of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. A second generation Pastor, Chris has a heart for equipping the body of Christ.
Chris is a graduate of Christ for the Nations and The King’s University. Chris first joined staff at Sojourn Church in Carrollton, Texas in 1996, and has served as Pastor of Children’s Ministry, Youth and Families. In January 2020, Chris began serving as Lead Pastor. Chris and Vanessa have been married since 1998 and have four children.
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