Can the Church Save a Divided World? | Dennis Peacocke

Sep 19, 2021 | Dennis Peacocke, Kingdom, Personal Responsibility

Guest Speaker Dennis Peacocke visits Sojourn Church and brings the word to our congregation. The question he poses to the church is… Can the Church Save a Divided World? The things that prevent the body from moving in that direction is ourselves and our selfishness. Before we can think about fixing the issues that inhabit the world, the Church needs to go to work within itself. We need to ask the Lord to give us his eyes and to change our focus from heaven to the kingdom. Yes, we praise the Lord for all the things He has done for us, but we have work to do for the sake of growing the kingdom. Pastor Dennis challenges to us is to show up and stand up.

Guest Speaker Dennis Peacocke

One of the most genuine and compelling communicators of our day, Dennis Peacocke has carried a concern for social justice for over 35 years. In his college days, this concern was expressed through his involvement in the civil rights and free speech movements.

He graduated from Berkeley with a major in Political Science at the height of the turbulent 60’s. Since his conversion in 1968, Dennis has gained international respect as a strategist due to his unique way of applying biblical solutions to the many challenging issues facing families, churches, business, and government.

Both a former business owner and pastor, Dennis is the founder and president of GoStrategic (formerly Strategic Christian Services), a leadership organization dedicated to demonstrating the relevance of Christianity to every area of contemporary life. He has authored four books: On the Destiny of Nations published in 2012, Winning the Battle for the Minds of Men, published in 1987 and 2000, Doing Business God’s Way, published in 1994 and 2003, and The Emperor Has No Clothes published in 2003.

He has also recorded numerous audio and video presentations. Dennis and his wife Jan reside in Santa Rosa, California. They have three adult children and 12 grandchildren. For more information visit