This is what we do and what we encourage you to do to become disciples of Jesus who advance His Kingdom.

  1. Come to the worship service to be encouraged by praise & worship, preaching, prayer, ministry and teaching of God’s word.
  2. Join a Sojourn Group to build relationships, make disciples and reach out to your neighbors.
  3. Go through Catch the Vision, our membership class, which gives you an opportunity to meet the elders and staff, and be joined to us.
  4. Attend our “Free Indeed” seminar and discover the freedom that is available to every believer through Jesus Christ.
  5. Continue to grow as a disciple of Jesus by attending the various discipleship classes and seminars offered throughout the year.
  6. Become a Lighthouse of Prayer in your neighborhood or workplace. This means simply taking responsibility to pray for your neighbors, blessing them and believing for an opportunity to share the Gospel with them.
  7. Utilize the many books and teachings that are found in our foyer and use these resources to help others, as well.
  8. Get involved with the various outreaches and missions of our church by praying, serving, going and giving.